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By Jeff Aiuto

GENRE: Animation, Comedy

An unusual world based on characters who work in a TV dinner plant.


Plot: A cast of unusual characters that work in a TV Dinner manufacturing plant. EG (Which are actually brothers E being the head, and G the body) are the main characters who are actually thousands of years old and have many bad traits, including lying about historical events that they had been to and have very unlikeable personalities. Other characters who work at the TV Dinner plant have become mutants because of EG’s negligence when they tripped and spilt a vial that was stolen from a government lab, into Durnkville’s drinking water. Some employees turned into talking animals, others extremely strong, and some brilliant but crazy. This cast of characters and their clashing personalities put them in some wacked out and unique positions each episode. A dumpster behind a party store was found to have a portal that leads to the 10th dimension and the characters occasionally travel to this strange and dangerous realm to make their lives even more interesting.

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