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By Ashanti Altovese Griffin

GENRE: Sci-fi

I wrote a book that is worth you reading

I know sometimes it can be deceiving

The name of a work versus what’s inside

But my book will take you on a wild ride!

The story is set in San Francisco

It’s not about gay men at a disco

It centers on a Royal Vampire Queen

Whose bad attitude is one most unseen

Her wealth and beauty, so superior

Her life and karma, so inferior

She parties and screws anyone she can

Her blood thirst victims have a short life span

She meets a demon at a masquerade

A naive Asian Fawn, just a charade

The Vampire Queen falls in love so fast

But her lustful bliss was not soon to last

Fawn’s TAINTED BLOOD was the weapon of choice

The Devil used to take away man’s voice

The Queen fell victim to the Devil’s ruse

Jealousy and wrath led her to accuse

The Asian Fawn of using her appeal

To get other men, it was an ordeal

That caused much friction between Fawn and Queen

Forgiveness not something Fawn could redeem

It got so bad! The Queen chose to just kill

The Asian Fawn, it was run of the mill

But pain soon took over the Queen one day

The demon, a Succubus, came to say

In a dream, that the Queen was soon to be

Stricken with a new strain of HIV!!!

The Royal Vampire then chose a new path

She transmuted her hate, blood thirst, and wrath

To the golden love given to all life

Becoming a vegan ended man’s strife

Asian Fawn was just the Devil’s demon

Using her role just to taint man’s semen

Blood is the life force that keeps all going

Respect for Nature is Divine Knowing

The Queen learned to love all that God creates

And helped other Vampires change their fates

The painful lesson the Queen had to learn

Is that looks can kill! It’s hard to discern

The true intent behind a pretty face

Her negative thoughts she can now erase

Narcissistic Nymphomania – GONE!!!

The light in the darkness keeps reigning on!

The Vampire Vixen: TAINTED BLOOD

For there is light in the darkness

50 Rhyming Poems & 25 Vampire Photos


This is the first book that I have written

Love to write and am completely smitten

With expressing my thoughts in prose of rhyme

It is something I do in my spare time

I dance, design fashion, and compete in

Bodybuilding fitness to keep me thin

36 years old with a lot to learn

To become published is something I yearn

I once wrote for

Under SF Dance, it was the bomb!

Next, Ballroom Fantasy asked me to write

Stories about dancers, such a delight!

I wrote for EZine and Suite101

My online writing is finally done

My focus is sex, science, and spirit

Many authors won’t even go near it

Please read 10 poems from my Vampire book

If you like those, give all 50 a look

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