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By Jonathan Franklin Kuzniacki

GENRE: Action, Drama

Framed as a traitor by the standing King of England, former nobleman Robert Locksley fights back against the corrupt power that be by stealing over priced taxes and giving it to those in need.


Robert Locksley, the kind and ever talented Lord of Huntingdon is finally set to marry King Richard’s cousin Lady Marian. The night before the wedding, King Richard hosts a small engagement dinner which is ruined by his brother, Prince John. John does not approve of the marriage, suggesting to marry off Marian to a foreign King to secure an alliance. Richard informs John that that Marian’s marriage gives him an heir, and that Robert will be king upon his death.

Later that night, a rider informs King Richard that the holy lands have been seized and he and his army are needed. Richard leaves immediately, informing a servant to send word to the other Lords of England that Robert will ascend to the throne after the wedding. However, it is discovered that John had orchestrated the whole charade to get Richard out of England and murders the servant and the guards who overheard Richard’s orders. John fabricates a lie, claiming that Robert had sent the deceased men to kill him and Richard. He then declares that Robert is now an outlaw and orders the Sheriff and his associate Sir Guy to arrest him at his home. Hoping to receive a reward from the crown, Robert’s steward, Worman confirms the word of Prince John, claiming Robert plotted against the crown. Robert manages to escape out of the castle window and into Sherwood Forest.

Marian is taken back to Prince John as the Sheriff and his men search the forest and the surrounding town of Nottingham for Robert. After evading the Sheriff, Robert makes his way to Nottingham, only to find that the village is being torn apart by guards looking for him. Robert stealth fully dispatches the guards and reveals himself to the Sheriff, vowing to fight the tyranny in England. He claims that since Robert Locksley has been stripped of his land and titles, he shall now be known as Robin Hood. The Sheriff and his men fumble after Robin, who eludes them in the forest. As Robin begins to set up camp, he is interrupted by a loud noise. Upon investigating, he comes across villagers being wrongfully arrested, one of them, Will Scarlet is attempting to fight back against the guards. Robin dispatches the guards and frees the prisoners.

The prisoners follow Robin back to his new camp and pledge their allegiance to him. Reluctant at first, Robin trains the prisoners and they begin to steal and expand their camp, giving the stolen gold to the poor people of England. They then meet Little John who attempts to cross a bridge without paying the toll set up by Robin. After besting Robin in a contest, Little John joins Robin and his men. The following day, Robin hears of a friar, rumored to be the strongest bowman in the land. Robin seeks out the friar, known as Friar Tuck and invites him to join their cause, which Friar Tuck accepts. That night, Robin sneaks off to see Marian who begs Robin to take her with him. Robin declines, stating he needs time to formulate a plan to safety free her.

Robin is later discovered by a handmaiden who alerts to guards. Robin is able to escape, but John punishes Marian for the discretion, ordering Sir Guy to cane her. John constructs an archery contest as an attempt to lure out Robin, offering a kiss from Marian as the prize. Robin enters the competition in disguise and wins effortlessly, however his true identity is deduced instigating a battle between the Merry Men and the Guards, with Robin fighting off both the Sheriff and Sir Guy. Realizing his betrayal was a mistake, Worman attempts to help Marian escape, only to later sacrifice himself to save Robin.

Robin and his men escape with Marian back to camp where they hold a memorial for the men who were killed in battle. Later that night, Robin and Marian are married in private.

We then fast forward 5 years to a battle worn Robin in a larger camp. One of the Merry Men brings two strangers to Robin who reveal themselves to be Richard and his steward. Richard reveals that the crusade was a farce and he was held prisoner in Germany. He also reveals Robin was supposed to be King and plans to pardon everyone once he takes the throne back from John. Richard later confronts John which leads to his own death. The Sheriff then displays Richard’s body in Nottingham, framing Robin for his murder.

Robin and Marian are later confronted in Sherwood Forest by Sir Guy. Robin stays to battle him and sends Marian to check on the camp. After slaying Sir Guy, a mortally wounded Robin heads back to camp where Marian assists in fending off the Sheriff and his guards. The guards retreat, leaving the Sheriff to plead for his life. Robin spares him under the promise that he never return. The Sheriff agrees and flees, only to later be decapitated by Prince John.

Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John, and Will take Robin to his cousin who is Prioress, hoping she will tend to his wound. She agrees to help Robin and sends Marian and the others to the kitchen. There, they encounter a guard, whom they quickly kill. The Prioress betrays Robin and slits his vein open. After incapacitating the Prioress, they sit with Robin who shoots one final arrow out the window, pleading to be buried where the arrow lands. Robin then succumbs to his injuries and dies. They bury Robin as instructed, the scene fading out on Robin’s makeshift grave marker.

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