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By Scott Mitchell

GENRE: Horror
LOGLINE: Tommy, a mentally challenged man teased by a clique of teens in a catholic boarding school manifests a serial killer personality, inspired by his upbringing in a convent, that retaliates against the “sinners“ with murderous retribution.


Tommy, a mentally challenged man who was raised in a convent after his parents were killed in an automobile accident, serves as a librarian’s assistant in the Catholic Boarding School where he now resides. On his way to the school’s library to return books for the principal, Tommy encounters a “clique” of students: Zak, the leader and bully; Brand, a teen looking to be accepted by his peers; Belinda, an insatiable nymph; Roach and Skanker, a duo of marijuana smoking brothers; Maria, the proud virgin; and Steve, the jock. Blocking Tommy’s path, Roach tells him “Sister, your veil’s crooked.” Believing that he is a nun and wearing the adornment, Tommy drops the books and tugs at his ears to “straighten the veil.” As Tommy tries to pick up his books, Zak kicks them further away while calling him a “freak.” Brand tries to stop Zak’s intimidation but gets pushed away from the bully. Tommy notices Brand’s attempt as he scuttles away, picking up the books. Later that day during a study period, Tommy approaches Brand and thanks him for sticking up for him. Tommy befriends Brand and integrates himself in the teen’s group because of his access to the “old chapel,” a place that the teens want to use as a hangout/party spot where the convent’s church artifacts are rumored to be kept. The clique starts hanging out at the old chapel, pacifying Tommy by pretending that they are teachers and students in his make believe school of which he plays principal. While most of the teens motives are to use the chapel for partying, Zak’s intent is to find the artifacts and runaway from the school and reap the rewards of the treasure. Zak pressures Tommy to tell him where this artifact is, first with psychological manipulation, then with outright physical abuse, forcing the man to convulse in a epileptic seizure. Upon recovering from the seizure, Tommy becomes haunted by a voice, from within the confessional of the chapel, which demands that he not only repents for associating with the sinful teenagers, but also punishes them for taking advantage of him. Tommy invites the teens to the chapel for one last “faculty meeting.” That night, a Dark Nun personality manifests which slays the teenagers one by one as they partake in their sinful acts of partying, thievery, and pre-marital sex. All of the teens, beside Brand and Maria fall victim to the Dark Nun’s barbed rosary creative kills. Maria not wanting to be a part of Zak’s last ditch effort in doing anything possible to steal the artifact tonight, ends up going to the chapel in hopes of stopping Brand from getting involved. While looking for Brand, Maria starts discovering the bodies of her classmates until she finds Brand with bloodied hands. Fearing that he may be the killer, she flees. Before he can explain, Brand is knocked unconscious by the Dark Nun who drags his body into one side of the chapel’s confessional before pursuing Maria. A whimpering from the other side of the confessional brings Brand to consciousness. In the confessional he finds Tommy bound and flogged. Freeing Tommy, Brand learns of the voice ,which came from the priest’s chamber in the confessional, that told Tommy to lure the teens back to the chapel. Investigating the chamber, Brand finds a hidden passage which leads to a basement where the Dark Nun has bound Maria and is preparing her for a more gruesome flagellation than Tommy endured. A fight ensues between Brand and the Dark Nun. In the fight, the murderer is unveiled to be Tommy’s sibling sister who helped raise Tommy in the convent. She is also the principal of the boarding school. The Dark Nun overwhelms Brand, however, Tommy, in an attempt to save the boy who once stuck up for him, pushes his sister away from delivering a death blow. She collides with the votive candles and erupts in flame. Brand and Maria survive the blaze as the chapel starts afire, with Brand realizing that all he needed was Maria and her love to “belong.” Tommy survives as well, learning the truth behind the “voices” in his head . . . but at his sister’s burial he clutches the charred remains of the barbed rosary she used to kill her victims.

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