Loglines & Screenplays by John Jahd Ali Flavin

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GENRES: Family

A chubby lovable blond Australian young woman gets the chance of a lifetime and through some mischievousness grabs a job as an au pair to a big wig handsome NYC executive’s 2 kids.



A 1/2 hour dark TV series, but sometimes humorous look at the lives of 4 fluid youth living in Madrid. Dominique (DOM), a transitioning FTM desperate to be a boy. His girlfriend Claudia, a street smart girl bent on revenge and the glue that holds them together in a world where they don't quite fit in. Sebastian, an 18 year old gender bending post gay boy who can't seem to do wrong, until he’s caught in a world one often can’t get out of, and Gonzalo, a straight lovable jock starting over after he loses his girlfriend, and has no choice but to move forward. The dreamers are here to prove being different is the new normal, and it's not going away. 


GENRES: Independent

Set in Istanbul, East meets West in a dramatic short, testing family, friendship and eventual sanity.


GENRES: Comedy

2 women past the worlds idea of prime make a move from London to LA to pursue the Hollywood dream. They leave with a secret. One used to be a man... Breaking into D-List Hollywood isn’t as easy as one would think...




"JUEVES" is a dark tale of two Spanish youths, living together in Valencia, estranged from their family, and not conforming to a normal world. Their actions sending them down a dangerous path of indulgence, depravity and danger. One they might not return from.

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