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By D A Stenard

GENRE: Comedy

After reluctantly teaming up with the FBI, a Las Vegas con artist must try to put her mobster boyfriend in the joint before he can put her in the ground.


TROUBLE OR NOTHING is a comedy about CONNIE MARIANSKE, former Las Vegas showgirl who married well. She latched onto a geezer grifter by the name of Hershel Marianske. She had another guy on the line. Michael “Giggy” Mason, a home-grown hood who went from punk kid to mob boss in ten easy murders. Connie thought, “A life with Hershel Marianske- lots of fun. Life with Giggy-dead people.” Easy decision. Bye Giggy. Or so she thought.

With Hershel’s help, Connie became one of the best con artists Vegas ever knew. But she never conned anyone who didn’t deserve it and she helped anyone who ever asked her for help. That willingness to help her friends would land her into trouble.

When Hersh died, all he left Connie a run-down apartment building, which Connie ran like a seniors’ home for retired scammsters. There’s Sylvia and her grandson Matthew. Don’t let Sylvia near your wallet or your man. And don’t let Matthew near a computer. A chip off the old block, he’d tell you about his hacking skills, but the judge issued a gag order.

Maisie, otherwise known as Sister Pius. An ex-nun, she was tossed out of the convent for fleecing the other sisters at canasta and Old Maid. No casino in town will let her near their blackjack tables. She dates “Fast” Freddy Fremont, a former ball room dancer and gigolo, Freddy can still divert attention away from the scam with his fast moves and faster lips. The whole building is like Sing Sing crossed with a bible class.

The FBI has known about Connie’s little talents for a long time. They have to join forces with the IRS to try to catch Mason. Only problem is, how to get Connie to turn rat and try to take down a dangerous psychopath who happens to be madly, and the operative word is “madly”, in love with her.

The IRS has some dirty tricks up its sleeve. Hershel left everything to his wife. What he neglected to tell Connie is that he never legally divorced his first wife. So all his assets transfer to Hershel’s daughter Betsy, who happens to work for the IRS. And if Connie doesn’t help put the bite on Giggy, Betsy and the IRS will put the bite on her. Connie also falls for Royce Thibideaux, the FBI agent assigned to the case. Her heart tells her yes, but her head tells her Royce may just be using her to get to Giggy. Decisions, decisions. And Connie has always has such good luck with

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