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By Campbell Christie

GENRE: Sci-fi

In the near future 2 Rival Mega-Corporations dominate Earth. When an incident on the Moon escalates tensions, a homesick Astronaut must return home to his family through the chaos of War.


"Lunar Jetman" is written along the lines of films like "Gravity" and "Terminator 2".

It's 2042 - The world is run by 2 rival Mega-Corporations (AlphaTech & Baidex), they are the new World Superpowers and tensions between them have escalated from CyberWarfare and Corporate Warfare to the threat of a REAL WORLD WAR.

They have established bases on opposite sides of the Moon. Our protagonist is a Lunar Combat Engineer (Dan Stamper) who wants to go home to his Wife and Son on Earth. After the death of his best friend following an incursion into BAIDEX territory, the threat of War escalates.

Dan tries to leave the Moon for Earth but World War 3 breaks out after a Global Communications Breakdown. Dan must then battle the hostile military AI defenses to get home. With a glimmer of hope that his family are still alive Dan will stop at nothing to get home.

I believe the high stakes and intense action in "Lunar Jetman" will appeal to a wide audience.The Austin Film Festival Script Notes overall comment was: "Lunar Jetman is an action-packed, suspense-filled story. The action and tension never stop. Every scene offers a new, mind-blowing obstacle for Dan to face. It's an on-the-edge-of-your-seat story from beginning to end. It never lags or stays in one scene too long. It's forward moving throughout. It's very engaging. "


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