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By Mark A McKee

GENRE: Horror

Following his death and resurrection, a boy discovers extraordinary powers within that could bridge the worlds of the living and the dead.


At the age of four years old, Bruce Murphy drowned. Miraculously, he survived, but with his survival he was granted the ability to both see and interact with the worlds of the living and the dead. Unsure as to where to turn, Bruce’s family doctor recommends he be taken to a research facility known as The Posthuman Project. The Posthuman Project studies individuals who have survived significant trauma in an effort to understand and validate the legitimacy of an afterlife. After arriving at the facility, it is evident that The Posthuman Project has nefarious schemes in mind for Bruce, so he is removed and soon hunted by members of The Posthuman Project.

For 14 years, Bruce and his father run in an effort to outsmart their hunters, but they are found and Bruce’s father is murdered. The murder of Bruce’s father forces Bruce to reintegrate into a society he does not know, and return to a mother that does not understand his visions. Unafraid of the risk, Bruce’s mother enrolls him in school to keep Bruce in the open, and retain some semblance of normalcy.

The longer Bruce stays with his mother, the more vivid his visions become. As Bruce begins losing control, his mother attempts to find help for him, But Bruce goes on the run…briefly…before being found by The Posthuman Project. After being taken into captivity, Bruce’s visions intensify and cause him to question his own reality. Simultaneously, Bruce’s mother is taken in by The Posthuman Project as well. As Bruce’s mother is tested, she learns that she too is just like Bruce.

Needing only one of them, Bruce and his mother are tested to their limits and left to fight against one another for survival. The spirit of Bruce’s father is too strong and intervenes before Bruce and his mother make grave mistakes.

Both Bruce and his mother battle their way out of the facility that they are being held in and learn of various testing sites across the country. The two set out to liberate others that might be held captive as they were. Their next stop...West Virginia.

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