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By Ed Huery

GENRE: Family, Western

A son reluctantly returns to the Chuckwagon world to race his injured dad's wagon and is forced to face his past and legacy.


When Don is hospitalized after a chuckwagon racing accident, Doctors inform him that his injuries are serious, and he can’t compete the rest of the season, he asks Rob to drive the wagon the rest of the season.

Rob discusses his unlikely return to the NCRA with Mike and Chanse over drinks, but he gets distracted when he sees Austin with Eric. When Eric impedes his efforts to talk to Austin, a fight ensues between them and their friends. Faced with knowing many drivers do not want to see Rob’s return, he feels unwanted, and finds solace in his old horse, Tiny. Austin confronts Rob about why he is there, Rob apologizes, which upsets her further. When Rob is called back to the office, he can’t help but think of the real reason why he is called to the racetrack and returns, agreeing to race the family wagon.

Dusty, the NCRA driver representative, notifies the drivers and outriders that were involved in the bar fight that they are being fined, much to their frustration. Dusty informs Don that Rob was involved in the bar fight and if he rejoins the NCRA, he will be fined too, upsetting Don. Dusty does his best to learn Rob’s intentions by advising Rob, but Rob doesn’t reveal anything. Richard offers Don to drive the Willows wagon. His wife, Sandy challenges him on his offer, when they are struggling to pay bills and have their own horses and wagon to worry about. Richard does his best balancing act between his two families.

Nathaniel Baker

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