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By Robert Russo

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

Unknowingly trapped in a tragic cycle of war, death, and rebirth,  a reincarnated warrior spirit must once again fight impossible odds and break free from the terrible cycle once and for all.


A woman is doing a voice over during the introduction, explaining that each person has a certain spirit. Each one must accomplish a specific purpose in life or it will be doomed to be reincarnated as many times as it takes to fulfill it. She narrates his birth and the many lives that follow…

We see a warrior spirit being born in ancient Sparta. This spirit is the warrior. And he must have victory in battle, or he will return until he does.

He fights as one of the 300 alongside Leonidas at the Hell Gate in Thermopylae and the last Spartan to die. But because he has the spirit of a warrior, he cannot rest. In the tunnel heading to the afterlife, the warrior spirit turns away from the light, and comes back once more, but this time as a slave warrior fighting alongside Spartacus in the colosseum.

There is a montage showing him returning again and again through history, as a Samurai, a Knight Templar, and other iconic warriors through time. But he is always on the losing side some hopeless battle, or the last man alive at a famous last stand.

This has continued for thousands of years until the great battle for Martian Independence when it seemed this cycle would finally end. The warrior is reincarnated as Zoraster Manu, the hero of Mars. The Martians have finally defeated the last Terran occupiers on Mars and are raising the Martian flag atop the last Terran stronghold. Just at the moment of final victory, where our warrior is waving his flag atop the rubble of the enemy, Terran reinforcements drop down in drop pods from orbit. Hunter Killer Robots, piloted by Terrans using Virtual Reality controls from starships in orbit, begin to slaughter the Martians.

The Martians are forced to retreat underground but do their best to fight a technologically superior enemy. Manu, the Warrior, is on the verge of defeat yet again. But as it has been many times before,he is not alone. A romantic spirit, His first true love, from his first life – she is there with him. And like a hundred times before, she kisses him goodbye as he marches off on a final suicide mission. She has been stuck in the cycle with him, forever doomed to lose her love, and always coming back to try and find him.

Manu and his men fight their way to a magnetic space rail that launches giant freighter ships into orbit. He manages to launch a freighter into orbit and slingshots the ship around Mars – then crashes it into the Terran fleet in orbit, totally destroying the entire Armada. The Hunter Killer forces on Mars shut down and the Martians survive to rebuild.

Sedona, his romantic love, is killed by HKs before he manages to destroy the fleet, and we see her get killed and her spirit walk through a tunnel of light. But having lost her lover, she turns around and comes back to be reborn once more.

The opening montage ends there and the story begins in the “present”.

Seven Years Later. Zoraster Manu has been reborn, and is now a seven-year young Martian boy named Leo. He is “treasure hunting” with his war veteran father, who is seriously ill and suffering from PTSD. He and his father search out the endless ruins and tunnels under the Martian surface to sell scrap materials, weapons, and anything else they can find. They come across a few HK robots in a deep tunnel that are surrounded by dead Martian troops from the war.

The HKs are worth a fortune and the father is very proud of Leo for locating them. They leave to get a cart or something to carry them out with, but when they return there is a group already loading it up.

The father fights for the loot, but is eventually beaten up. He and Leo are forced to leave empty handed. That night Leo wakes up to hear his father having a flashback from the war, and he is screaming about HKs coming to get them and waving his rifle around the room. Leo manages to calm him down, but all his father can do is weep and cry for his dead wife.

Leo cries himself to sleep after his father goes back to bed. In his dreams he is comforted by an angelic woman – Sedona, the latest incarnation of the Romantic spirit who has been his lover in past lives.

18 years later

Leo is now working on a drilling rig on Mars. When he wakes up to get ready for work we see he has bruised ribs and scars all over his torso and arms. Its brutal tough work. There is a serious work accident that cripples another man. Its due to negligence on the part of his boss. He beats his boss up and gets fired. He returns back to a major city on Mars and goes out to a pub to get drunk. He is alone, angry, and hates the world.

He is sitting there drinking while a TV commercial plays talking about how Mars is protected and safe, highlighting the elite heavy infantry called “Olympians”. Leo laughs and says those Olympians are just posers. They have no one to fight and if anyone in the military had any balls, they would’ve went back to Earth to get some pay back.

Then a squad of Olympians walks in and clears the area around Leo. They want the bar to themselves, but Leo ignores them. They forcefully insist for him to leave he, but fights back and seriously injures all of them except the 1 female, a half Terran/half Martian cross breed. He is arrested and taken into custody.

We meet a new character, FELIX, one of the men who raised the Martian Independence flag with Zoraster Manu 25 years ago. He is a living legend, but also a drunk. He has been through hell, lost all his friends, and has PTSD. He also fears that when the Terrans return, the Martian military won’t be able to stop them. He attends a briefing where he is told that the Terran fleet has just departed and is headed to Mars. Additionally, a massive Pyramid structure in the Sedona Desert Valley in Arizona has been obscured by a massive energy vortex. They assume it is some kind of secret weapon.

Felix is sure that their time is running out. He sits down in his office and gets a message from a friend who works in security. It’s a video of the fight inside the bar where Leo rips apart a squad of Mar’s best trained soldiers. Felix sees Leo moving and fighting with the brutal efficiency of the Z-Man so he goes to the jail where he is being held to recruit him. Firmly believing that in order to survive the next war, the Martians will need another Z-Man.

Felix sits down with Leo and explains to him that he wants him to join the military as an Olympian and train to use their best equipment to fight. Leo initially declines, saying that the Martian military isn’t interested in pay back, so he has no desire to dress up and play soldier. But Felix reveals that the invasion fleet from Terra is on its way to Mars, and he could either fight with a Gun-Frame robot suit, or he could fight with a rifle. Leo accepts the invitation to join the elite Olympians and prepare for the invasion.

20 years ago….

We go back to just after the end of the Martian Independence war. We are on Earth where we see the leader of Earth, who is named DOMINION, and his goal is to accelerate human evolution with technology and become immortal. The normal humans must be wiped out to make way for the NEW MAN.

He begins construction of a massive structure in the Sedona Desert. It is a faster than light communications conduit utilizing a genetically engineered psychic being of incredible power (The reincarnated Romantic spirit), linked to quantum computers, to achieve Instantaneous communications at any distance for command and control of Earths Invasion fleet going to Mars. The romantic spirit is reincarnated as this genetically modified super being.

Sedona is reborn inside this device, floating inside a sensory deprivation tank her entire life, where no light and sound can reach, where she grows for 20 years into a full adult.

Sedona is unable to awaken to full consciousness, so she spends 20 years trapped in a mental limbo. She can see all her previous lives, and the lives of her lover, the Z-Man, Leo, and all his many other names. But it isn’t until the Sedona system is brought online does she understand where she is trapped and what exactly her purpose is.

Dominion links into the system and attempts to talk to Sedona, just to see if there is a spirit in the machine. Sedona scans his mind and sees that he is also a reincarnated soul, a Dictator of countless empires. The cause of millions of deaths. Someone who lusts for power and dominion. The most ancient and powerful of spirits. She reveals this to him and shows him that his lust for power always ends in his own death and misery.

Dominion unplugs the connection and hides what happened. He orders the Sedona system to go online and the quantum military computers begin forcing information through Sedona, overwhelming her mind with a stream of command and control information. Earth establishes a 0.0 second delay communication link with its new fleet and the nano-assembled HK forces that it carries. The fleet departs and heads to Mars.

Leo and Felix fly to Olympus, the planetoid orbiting Mars. Its like a small moon, and it is where the Martian defenses are concentrated. They have a navy, troops, and weapons platforms. Olympus is their first, best, and only line of defense. If Olympus falls, Mars will be lost.

Roshenko, the female Olympian who was not critically injured by Leo during the bar fight, arrives late to training the next morning. Another squad of Olympians asks her what happened to the rest of her squad, and laughs when they find out only 1 man kicked all their asses. They joke that he must be the reincarnation of the Z-Man (the term given to the savior of Mars)

Felix arrives with Leo at that moment, and he explains to Roshenko that she will be training Leo to use the Gun-Frames, heavily armed and armored robotic fighting suits used by the Olympians. Reluctantly she obeys. She begins training Leo and it’s a rough start at first but by the end of the day he is moving around perfectly. The training process on syncing the mind with the Gun-frame is mentally taxing the first few times, so Leo goes to sleep early.

Leo has a nightmare that the invasion has happened, and their forces are being ripped to pieces by advanced HKs that have powerful energy weapons that can destroy a heavily armored Gun-Frame in a few shots. He wakes up in a sweat, and its only midnight. He has only been asleep about 6 hours. So he goes to the canteen and finds that Felix is there drinking alone.

Felix and Leo discuss Manu, Leo’s previous incarnation, in more detail. Leo can recall events and information that only Manu could have known, which makes it obvious that Leo is in fact the reincarnation of Manu. Leo now begins to entertain the idea that he is in fact the reincarnation of that great hero. Leo totally commits himself to mastering the Gun-Frame and preparing to once again defend Mars from the unstoppable invasion to come.

As Leo trains more with Roshenko one on one, he soon surpasses her abilities in the Gun-frame. Then the two of them, together, fight other Olympians in training games and defeat them as well. Still, Leo remains aloof – wholly consumed with the idea that he has been born again to defeat the Terrans once and for all. The Olympians by now have also become convinced he is in fact Manu reborn.

On Earth, Dominion and his thousands of troops suit up in Virtual Reality gear and remotely operate the Invasion Fleet. The attack sequence begins on the Olympus Orbital command post above Mars. The surprise attack from the Stealth fleet bypasses most of the Martian defenses, and the high tech Terran fleet easily destroys the Martian defense fleet. With little hope of victory in ship to ship combat the Martians deploy the Olympians into the fleet battle above Olympus.

Most of the Olympians launched into combat are killed by nuclear point defenses, but Sedona manages to use her mind to disable some of the weapons in flight and save Leo and his squad from being killed. This malfunction of the FTL communication system does not go unnoticed by Dominion, who begins to suspect that the ghost inside his machine may be causing the problems.

Sedona is now fighting desperately to take control of the Terran fleet and is having a mental battle of the will with the quantum computers she is linked to. Slowly as the battle goes on she turns off more and more of the computers and disables portions of the Terran fleet. In a race to destroy the Martian defenders before the entire system is shut down, Dominion deploys his HKs to penetrate the Olympus defense fortress power generator and destroy it.

After Leo and the Olympians fight desperate battles in space, blowing up carriers and battleships with their fusion bombs– Only he and Roshenko survive to escape and crash land in the Olympus ship hangars. Felix and his marines meet the invading HK forces to stop them, and buy time for Roshenko and Leo to escape the slaughter. Leo and Roshenko reequip and rearm after losing their heavily damaged Gun Frames, and head to the Olympus power core to prevent the HK units from destroying it. The HKs are very powerful and the situation looks hopeless. Surely it seems, though, that Leo and Roshenko will die.

Roshenko, Leo, and a few marines are holding off the HKs in the power core as Sedona wages a battle of wills against the quantum computer system. If she can just take total control, she can save Leo from dying once again and being trapped in the same cycle of death and rebirth. Before she can achieve 100% control, Leo is killed in action again.

Sedona is so enraged and moved with emotion that she astral projects her spirit to Leo and pulls his spirit back into his body before his soul can depart. She then heals his wounds with ethereal power. Like in the ending of Highlander – Leo is caught up in a quickening as finally all his memories, spirits, and experiences rush back into him from the Ether. He is lifted up by bolts of energy and light. Everyone watches in complete awe in a “He is the One” type of moment. A hundred warrior spirits from all the lives he lived swirl around the room before finally coalescing into his body.

Dominion rushes to see Sedona in her sensory deprivation tank where she has been imprisoned her whole life – ready to kill her for what she has cost him. Sedona opens her eyes finally, awake to the real world. She orders HK’s in the room to gun down Dominion. Then the tank opens and the water rushes outward, carrying her out into the world like a new born.

Roshenko and Felix are wounded but they are relieved, amazed, bewildered. They ask Leo what happens next? He tells them he has to go see someone.

On Earth, in the Sedona Desert, on a plateau. Sedona awaits her lover as he descends from the sky in a shuttle. She is wearing a white dress like she did 5 thousand years ago in Sparta. Leo arrives and meets her. The sun rises in the background as they embrace. It is the end of their terrible journey.

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