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By Damion Willis

GENRE: Sci-fi, Fantasy

In the midst of a lightning storm an elf appears in the modern world. An abstract group of friends must deal with the thrill, magic and danger that follows her.


We begin within a garage house that is nestled inside a junkyard. It is a typical day for REGGIE the roadside mechanic. He wakes and gets a call for a tow. Before heading out he grabs METAL HEAD, a robotics side-project. METAL HEAD is equipped with a rudimentary AI system that is horrible at interacting with people. It leads to more than a couple problematic encounters with REGGIE getting the short end of the stick.

REGGIE finally makes it out to the farm for his first appointment. There he meets frequent customers MR. JAY and his wife BETTY. As REGGIE pulls their tractor from a muddy field a lighting storm erupts out of the clear blue sky and strikes the same tree over and over! REGGIE investigates and discovers that a mythical elf is the cause! The girl collapses from exhaustion leaving REGGIE wondering what to do with her.

Unable to commit her to a hospital due to supernatural interventions REGGIE seeks the help of his two closest friends, OLIVER and MERYL. With the elf girl showing no signs of waking, they conduct their own research and quickly discover that the girl is not of this world. Meanwhile MR. JAY digs up the burnt tree and awakens highly advanced robotic sentinels that were pursuing the elf! They catch up to the gang and things quickly escalate to full blown world-warping mayhem! Magic begins to stir within the unconscious elf. Will it be enough to save them…

Damion Willis

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