Loglines & Screenplays by Roth Rind

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GENRES: Thriller, Historical

"PURE GOLD" is the story of five 49ers at the end of the Gold Rush who discover an impossibly pure gold in the last location you'd expect... a crashed alien ship overgrown by a hundred years of mother nature. In this psychological thriller a doctor, a priest, a mexican miner, a geologist, and a chinese woman face greed and crisis of faith in order to find something more valuable than gold.


GENRES: Comedy, Sci-fi

"THIS IS FINE" is the story of three ex-best friends fighting during their last moments together before a meteor is scheduled to wipe out the earth. When the meteor explodes in the atmosphere leaving everyone alive and well, the three of them must travel back to their home town to face the consequences of their actions.


GENRES: Sci-fi, Drama

"ORBIT" is the story about Commander Gabriel Lee who is left behind in Earth's orbit by those heading to a temporary new world. For 10 years he will listen and search for survivors, after which point he will trigger a terraforming event that will recreate the surface of the earth ensuring humanity's survival. It's been 9 and a half years and he hasn't heard from the temporary world, or anyone on Earth's surface... until one day.


GENRES: Comedy, Drama

"PLEASE SUBSCRIBE" is the story of Peter Fox, Youtube sensation and celebrity with 9 million followers, but he hasn't left his apartment in 7 years. When his sister, Jocelyn comes into town to say goodbye to their dying father, she finds that Peter is unable to face the world outside and must help him conquer his agoraphobia in order to find a resolution with his father, and live some semblance of a normal life.

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