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By Edward Leech

GENRE: Thriller

A former rape victim turned detective tracks a sex ring and must find the narcissist kingpin before he moves her pregnant, abducted teen daughter overseas.


I've finally reached the pinnacle of my career - I'm the first female detective in the department. However, feelings from a rape as a teen resurface associated with my

initial investigation sends me reeling.

The case? Before another crate of teen victims departs overseas, I must track down my pregnant teen daughter and locate the kingpin who lured her into the sex-trade. I'm even more flustered and furious when my supervisor removes me from the

case. "You're too close to be objective," he reels.

So do I go it alone against policy? After all, I'm an upstart and could lose everything. Certainly my career is on the line and maybe even my life.

Damn right I go after this scumbag of a human being. He's got my baby-doll, not to mention other teen girls who are trafficked.

Wouldn't you?

The bad news is what comes back to derail me. The ring leader turns out to be the baby boy I gave up for adoption after my rape. I was just sixteen and listened to other's advice. I didn't know. Both guilt and remorse now haunt me.

As I escort the ring-leader to the courthouse, a sniper shot takes him out. I'm hit with fragments of the bullet that passes through my son's skull. I'm not only in a tailspin,

but find myself in the hospital undergoing plastic surgery to reconstruct my ear.

More bad news? I'm still not any closer to my abducted daughter.

The good news? During my recovery from this traumatic episode, with help

from my psychiatrist, I finally recognize the face of my rapist. It's my stepfather.

I decide to camp in the mountains for a week with my department's okay. What they don't know is this: I'm on the hunt for my stepfather, and I believe I know where he can be found.

I track him down hiding in a remote cabin in the woods and discover he holds my daughter and three other teens captive. With my weapon draw and ready, as I

move to rescue the victims, I'm tasered by my stepfather. He drags me inside the cabin with plans to rape me. However, this time I catch him off-guard. Using a stiletto

hidden in my boot, I stab him in the thigh and nick an artery. A life and death struggle ensues. As he drives me into the corner, I finally kill him using a fire-poker.

At last, my daughter and three other precious teens are safe, but now they must face the difficult work of recovery.

Timothy Christopher Teemal

Edward. i Like the logline but the synopsis may need some work. I suspect you may have some believability issues linking the son, the daughter and the stepfather. That said i like the Taken similarities. Good luck

Timothy Christopher Teemal

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