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By Jaime Chapin

GENRE: Other, Drama

In the backwoods of a small southern town, an imaginative girl on the verge of adolescence must solve the mystery behind a dark force before it engulfs her mother.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hi Jaime! This is a really good start. I don't know if I have any note beyond replacing "the one she loves" with whoever that characters is the same way your protagonist is described as an "imaginative girl". Struggles is also kind of standard, not really clear, as every protagonist technically struggles. So she must solve the mystery of a dark force but does that mean she's investigating it? I think you can fix this one by including the inciting incident of this story. What is the dark force, where does it come from? So, in as basic sense, "When ___ unleashes a dark force, an imaginative young girl must solve the mystery of its origins and stop it before it engulfs her ____."

Nathaniel Baker

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Jaime Chapin

Thanks Nick! I appreciate your response!

Jim Catizone

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Tony Clare

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