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By Steven Guggenheimer

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: A bored housewife gets a little too caught up in her rough sex fantasies and begins to resent her husband for not living up to them. But when he finally caves and tries to give her what she wants, she starts to realize that she doesn’t like this version of him either.


Laura Hodge is really sick of her sex life. What she wants is for her husband George to give her a few “love taps” and get a little rough in bed, but George is mostly interested in watching television, procrastinating on house repairs, and sleeping so soundly that he doesn’t notice his wife masturbating beside him in bed. After a particularly unsuccessful attempt at sex with George, Laura gets frustrated and leaves the house. Teddy Conley is an earnest 20-something whose sweet face and nature can get girls in his bedroom, but his awkward attempts at rough play end with women storming out of his apartment. After Teddy becomes demoralized when his misogynistic roommate Josh interrupts and steals a girl out from under him, he too flies the coop. Both Laura and Teddy end up at a sex club in the warehouse district where Laura’s partner gets fed up with her inability to submit while Teddy’s partner gets fed up with his inability to take control. Laura and Teddy then realize that they’re a perfect match and shack up in a motel for the night. Everything seems to be going well until George gets suspicious and follows Laura to the motel one night. At the motel George gets upset and Teddy runs away. However, Laura’s been tied up and a furious George slaps her… which only turns her on. Finally, George is on the same page as Laura and they rev up their sex life with rough play. Unfortunately, Teddy’s in love with Laura and tries to tell her so when they run into each other at the supermarket where he works. Laura explains that she was disappointed that Teddy ran away and that she’s not planning on leaving her husband for him. After this devastating news, Josh bribes the girl who’s with him to have sex with Teddy as a rebound. But when Teddy starts crying in the middle of it, Josh’s mocking of him is the last straw. Teddy finally gets the courage to stand up to Josh. Back at Laura’s house, George finally lets his barely contained anger at Laura’s infidelity get the best of him. He beginssmacking Laura around even when they’re not having sex… but Teddy, fresh from his triumph over Josh, shows up hoping to impress Laura by offering to let George beat him up. George takes advantage of the offer, but eventually Laura is able to stop him by giving him a taste of his own medicine. Then Laura carries a wounded Teddy off into the sunset, but does the star-crossed pair have any hope of a real future together?


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