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By Ron Micci

GENRE: Romance, Drama

A gentle lesbian love story between two financially strapped sisters turns murderous when they seek the assistance of an older woman, who comes between them romantically, and whose sudden accidental death leads to a revenge killing and murderous climax on the sands of Montauk Point.


The Dupre sisters, Marilise and Leigh Ann, grew up in the lap of privilege in the Hamptons. If they knew one thing, they knew it from an early age – they were in love with each other, in more ways than simply as sisters. They were lesbians. Raised by an aunt when their parents died, and now in their late 20s, they are compelled to address the reality that their funds are running out. Our story opens with just such a realization, as they playfully touch and kiss each other. The answer to their problems might be found at a garden party to which they have been invited, and so they attend. There, Marilise is seduced by the hostess, Alisa, an older, controlling woman whose marriage to a stockbroker is a sham that masks her true impulses. Naturally, this brings jealousy and friction to the relationship between Marilise and Leigh Ann. But it also brings the prospect of help with their financial difficulties, as Alisa is well heeled. But Marilise's frustration of being caught between her feelings for Leigh Ann and those for Alisa builds to a crescendo and when Marilise decides to break off with Alisa, the latter pursues her, only to be struck and killed by a van while they are on a picnic. Marilise is haunted by Alisa’s death, and begins to imagine Alisa appearing on the grounds of the Dupre home, threatening her. She consults a psychiatrist, believing that the stress of Alisa’s death is inducing mental illness. Truth be told, she is not imagining Alisa’s “ghost” – for though the wraith who haunts her looks exactly like Alisa, in fact it is Alisa’s twin sister, Brenda. This does not become evident until late in the script. Brenda murders Leigh Ann and is intent on doing the same to Marilise, until the police learn that Brenda is Alisa’s twin sister. Meantime, a woman named Gloria has taken Marilise under her wing. But is Gloria in league with Brenda? This becomes an issue, as Gloria drives Marilise out to Montauk Point, with a vengeful, murderous Brenda not far behind. Will the police reach Marilise in time to save her from Brenda? The drama plays out on the beach at Montauk Point, in an explosive, action- and tension-packed climactic shootout.

Nathaniel Baker

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