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By Ron Micci

GENRE: Family, Comedy

Family friendly comedy with ne'er-do-well teen brothers crashing out of summer school to rescue camp cuties from a monster moose stampede in the wilds of Maine, only to find themselves in the midst of a shooting war between the local militia and the antlered marauders.


On the first day of summer school classes in a leafy suburban town in the Northeast, bad boy teen brothers Pete and Jarvis Heffernan are getting, like, really bizarre and menacing images on Jarvis' laptop computer. Dark, ominous clouds threatening to engulf everything. Sparks sputtering from the machine itself. And suddenly, email distress signals from a couple of camp girls in the wilds of Maine. What can this possibly portend?

They decide to crash out of summer school and go to the rescue, conning their reluctant parents into driving them to the wilds of Maine. There, they give them the slip, attempt to invade Camp Wachumee and rescue the girls, and come up against a monster, epochal, unprecedented moose stampede.

In the meantime, a town militia has been raised to head off the stampede in the middle of the Camp Wachumee compound.

The equivalent of World War III is staged as the moose come thundering down Broadway, the town chief of police and recruits blaze away with ground and air support in a futile attempt to stop them, and the boys race against time to rescue their camp sweethearts from being trampled in the mess.

Naturally, they ride in on mooseback, rescue the girls, and redeem themselves.

There are several love stories running throughout the movie, including subplots involving the kids’ father (an MD) and his office nurse, and a hot-to-trot summer school proctor and the chief of police, not to mention an office nurse.

Very cute blend of action, romance, and great outdoors summer fun.

Nathaniel Baker

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