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By Ron Micci

GENRE: Comedy

A tarot-reading young secretary plays Queen Mother to her boss after their architectural firm is forced to downsize and merge headquarters with a lingerie company.  


Acme Architects drops the bomb on its employees – all of them are fired except Marilee Hudson, a secretary who is also the resident tarot reader.

Randall Prescott, the company president, being somewhat superstitious, keeps her on as a kind of guru hoping she’ll steer them through this mess.

The company is merging offices with Linda’s Lazy Lingerie. The head of that company, a somewhat sultry Rhonda Devos who likes to strut around in lingerie, takes an immediate romantic interest in Prescott. As they scope out locations for a new series of Lazy Lingerie outlets, Rhonda puts the make on him.

Meanwhile, Richard, one of Marilee’s former colleagues, has gotten in hot water with his wife because she caught him in the house with two prostitutes.

Marilee’s arch rival, a gypsy fortune teller named Madame Rosa, places the occasional voodoo stickpin curse on Marilee, who gets even by calling Richard’s wife and, disguising her voice to sound like Madame Rosa, informs her that the prostitutes were a mistake sent to the wrong address.

This brings the police to Madame Rosa’s storefront gypsy parlor.

Merilee manages to get Richard back his job, albeit a bit of a romance is developing between them, and helps her boss escape the clutches of Rhonda, then puts in a call to Madame Rosa to mock her.

All’s well that ends well – Prescott receives a letter informing him they’ve won a bid on a new job, and so the day, at least for the moment, is saved.

Pattana Thaivanich

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Pattana Thaivanich

Very interesting and funny! Best of wishes!

Nathaniel Baker

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