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By Cannon Rosenau

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

When Joy met Vince it was love at first sight, he had the entire package: a son, a daughter and a less than stable ex-wife. 


Joy, having grown up with a positive stepfamily experience, was surprised to find that Tonya does not cope well seeing someone else mothering her children, even part time. As Vince and Joy add to the family some little siblings for Kailey and Peter, instability transpires in Tonya’s household. She sinks lower into her party lifestyle so the children’s education suffers along with their overall safety and wellbeing. The children are witnesses to deadly drunken brawls, a home invasion and even Tonya’s overdose scare. Vince helplessly witnesses from the sidelines hoping for an unbias court system to do the right thing. Tonya's not willing to wait around and find out, she has plans for her own so-called justice. She vows to take Joy out of the picture and will stop at nothing. When Joy suddenly disappears, so do the children. Tonya gains sympathy from the media and the authorities. She's so manipulative that she even convinces everyone that her drug problem was a direct result of having been married to Vince. Vince spends his days searching for his family in spite of the odds being stacked against him. Meanwhile, Joy, after being dumped in the woods left for dead makes her way back to Vince. Together, they find where Tonya hid the children away and she is finally arrested. Together, Vince and Joy piece back together the life they had built.

Sasha Stella

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