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By Ellis Barrowman

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

A successful art therapist is unnerved when an old boyfriend moves back to town. When he tries to make things right between them, so many things end up going wrong.


After being ghosted by her high school sweetheart after graduation, Zoey went a little off-kilter. But a decade of clean living, a focus on herself, and her priorities, she managed to pull herself together, build a successful art therapy practice, and still indulges in her passion for singing.

Until Chaz rides back into town, to make things right between them.

Faced with the past that she’d rather forget, Zoey and Chaz navigate through the awkwardness of finding closure on their old relationship, and figuring out where they go from here.

When it comes to light their break-up isn’t at all what they thought it was, Zoey and Chaz have to face the facts that circumstances have robbed them of their time together. Their best course of action is to accidentally get drunk, in Vegas.

In the cold, harsh light of morning, through the haze of a nasty hangover, Zoey realizes that not only has she ruined a decade of sobriety, but is married to Chaz. About a decade too late.

Faced with this new wrinkle in their already shaky alliance, these two must come to terms with their past before they can forge a future together.

Nathaniel Baker

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Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hi Ellis! So I would not know this was a romance or a comedy from the logline and the title. My initial thought was horror, and the logline without the genre label sounds more like an intense drama. Sordid past doesn't sound romantic to me, it sounds immoral. So to fix this, I'd recommend changing your placement phrases to specifics. Instead of "sordid past" it should be whatever it actually is like "past sexual affair" or whatever. And with "move on with her life" it should be whatever it actually is like "get over him and marry the accountant she fell for." to address the premise more. Also "seemingly well-adjusted" can be more specific, less about her, more about plot that tells us about her so something like, "A recently engaged art therapist". Again, I'm guessing here because I don't have those details, but if you combine everything I'm noting, rearrange it into something together, and fill in the blanks you're missing, it has more of a rom com vibe, "A recently engaged art therapist must convince her high school sweetheart to sign divorce papers but finds herself falling for his charms again." Or whatever, which I think is the plot of Sweet Home Alabama. Point is we just need the specifics. What makes your story different, and why is it a rom com? That info should be clear in the logline. Specificity is key :)

Ellis Barrowman

Oh, all good points! Thanks, Nick! I really appreciate the input! This afternoon I was working on synopsis-es and pitches. I'll def work on making this sound more rom-com-esque.

Egi David Perdana II

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