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By Dawn Greenfield Ireland

GENRE: Drama

A crushed red rosebud is left at murder scenes as a vendetta heats up.


The problem for Joe Nesossi (acting District Attorney), and his best friend Sherm (police investigator) starts when Carlos Chaves, a wealthy art dealer, gets convicted of gun smuggling. What follows is a trail of death beginning with the murder of the pompous DA.

A crushed red rosebud left at the scene stumps law enforcement agencies. Carlos never left a calling card. A string of deaths from a hit list follows, with the media dubbing them the “Rosebud Hits”.

The chaos associated with the hit list and the connection to Carlos spawns a vigilante attitude with Al and Roger, a couple of law enforcement officers. They can’t stand that Carlos is continuing to run his business from prison. They find an old law from an era before inmate’s rights and remove Carlos from prison to a remote location for rehabilitation.

Arturo, Carlos’ right hand man, and Carmela, the vixen who adores Carlos, take care of business in his absence. But when they are repeatedly denied visitation at the prison, they suspect something is not right. They reach out to Heather, Joe Nesossi's activist fiancé.

Heather’s snooping into Carlos’ absence from prison gets her kidnapped

She convinces her kidnappers that her cause will help them, if they help her. The amateur detectives get the goods on the bad cops.

Sylvie, Carlos’ Catholic-educated younger sister whose life revolves around the art business, and the most unlikely suspect, evolves into a vicious killer. She loves her brother and will stop at nothing to avenge him.

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