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By Gabriel Marinho

GENRE: Drama

A camgirl and BDSM dominatrix reconnects with an old friend - now a staunch anti-pornography advocate - before both find their ideologies conflicting with their desires. 


Alicia Ballantine makes her living as a cam-girl and a dominatrix at the Los Angeles' BDSM community under the alias Mistress Cammy. While with her friends, she learns that Maryland's Senator Raymond Allen is promoting a porn restriction bill that, if successful, will severely affect her livelihood. She also learns that Brett Wieler, an old close friend of hers, is one of its champions. In the years since they fell out of touch, Brett has become a born-again Christian and wrote a bestseller memoir about his addiction to pornography. When Alicia reaches Brett to confront him, they inevitably rebuild their long lost bond. But with their divergent opinions and lifestyles, such reconnection comes with a price.

Nathaniel Baker

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