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By Derek McHenry

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

Three tough garbage men, on a mission to save their city, must team-up with two warrior women, if they are to survive the vicious mutants and a cannibal army that stand in their way.


The United States has become a third world country. Civilization has fallen. The only city left standing is a fortress called Salvation, located in an isolated southeast region of Alaska. The only people brave enough to venture beyond the safety of the city's protective walls are those that dump the city's trash, the employees of the Waste Management Department; the WMD.

When volunteers are needed for a dangerous mission beyond the boundaries of the city, a team of three garbage men are designated best option, primarily because they were mentored by Scavenger War hero, Victor "The Mongoose" McCabe.

With the lure of currency that will raise them above the poverty line, the garbage men accept a mission to retrieve a missing scientist.

During their mission, the team makes a discovery while searching for a co-worker and then drive into the middle of a battle between a cannibal militia army called the Roaches and the last of a group of freedom fighters dubbed "Free-Rangers".

Partnering with the last two Free-Rangers, the garbage men make their way to the capital city. The garbage men split off from the Free-Rangers to find the scientist and his mysterious Legacy project. Soon after, they are attacked by mutants, who kill the scientist. The garbage men are chased into the forest, just as the sun is setting. The garbage men are forced to fight off the mutant attack in a terrifying night vision sequence. After defeating the mutants, the garbage men are reunited with the Free-Rangers, who only returned to warn them of their truck being discovered by a militia patrol.

They make it back to their truck only to accidentally alert the Roaches and with time ticking down, are forced to make a final stand on the shortest road home; the Road of Skulls.

Racing across the tundra in their armored garbage truck, the garbage men manage to fight off their hostile Roach pursuers.

The garbage men return home only to be betrayed by one of their city's governors.

The garbage men escape and manage to sabotage the Legacy project and spoil the government's plan to clone themselves into power for eternity.

Our story ends with a shameless setup for a sequel.

Nathaniel Baker

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