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By Derek McHenry

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

The main event in a post-apocalyptic city is turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious stranger and the return of one of its former superstars.


War has decimated the planet, leaving few habitable spaces for survival.

The main character, the Traveler exits the poisonous dead lands and befriends a young mute girl on the road. They follow road to the city of Haven.

Along the way, the Traveler takes notice of an old military vehicle that comes into play later.

Once inside the city, Traveler is warned to maintain custody of Girl, because for mysterious reasons, the children have been going feral.

Traveler heeds the warning and takes Girl into a bar where they meet Walker, a wrestler in need of a comeback. While talking to Walker, Traveler is confronted by the city’s main law enforcement, the "Child Catchers".

The Child Catchers follow Traveler and attempt to take Girl. Traveler beats the Child Catchers, impressing Walker.

Walker introduces Traveler to the city's weekly event, Ring Wars, revealing that the champion of the ring is also crowned city governor. Walker also discloses his need for an in-ring partner to watch his back.

While exiting the arena, they run into sleazy ring promoter, Jimmy Finger and his intimidating bodyguard, Mary Fury. Walker makes a deal with Jimmy Finger to get himself back in the ring, as long as the Traveler is his partner.

Walker introduces Traveler and Girl to ex-women's division wrestler Rachel Blaze. Rachel Blaze once had her eye on being governor, but retired when that possibility was taken away from the women's division.

Traveler uses Rachel Blaze's property to rebuild the vehicle he found outside the city. Walker and Traveler begin training on Rachel Blaze's property.

During their first bouts in the ring, Traveler begins to wrestle under the name Nomad, and is referred to as this for the rest of the story.

After several successful matches, Walker wins the right to challenge the governor of Haven City.

While trying to find out where he came from Nomad visits a antique store and discovers he’s from a line of genetically altered soldiers.

During his championship match, Walker is killed in the ring by the Governor, who is revealed to be from the same genetically modified group as Nomad.

Rachel Blaze and Nomad grieve for the loss of Walker and discover Girl is missing. They find a Child Catcher with a message for Nomad. Nomad must challenge the governor or he will never see Girl again.

Nomad wrestles the governor while Rachel Blaze rescues Girl. Rachel Blaze takes on numerous thugs to get to girl and discovers that the governor has been filtering his blood through the children of Haven City, prolonging his life, but making the children crazy.

Standing in Rachel Blaze and Girl's escape is Mary Fury. Rachel Blaze fights Mary Fury.

Nomad breaks the governor's neck and is awarded the championship belt by Jimmy Finger. Nomad throws the belt into the crowd, causing a full scale riot. People begin to tear each other apart to get the belt, the arena begins to burn.

Nomad escapes the arena hall to see Rachel Blaze and Girl drive up in his restored vehicle. The people try to nominate Nomad as the next governor, but Nomad suggests Rachel Blaze. The people embrace the idea and Rachel Blaze becomes leader of Haven City.

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