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By Monty C. Floyd

GENRE: Drama, Experimental

Friends say, “the couple, even when being driven crazy by them, leave one spellbind.”

In a compilation of vignettes, a modern-day Liz & Dick cavort with a jet-set crowd in search of themselves, debauchery, and answer to a riddle that could change their lives.


* The series is created for entertainment, but also an advertising/marketing campaign.

We are in the bar of Nira Montana Hotel in La Thuile, Italy. An alpine village that has kept its identity unchanged throughout the centuries. It is morning. A fire crackles in the corner as Chet Baker softly croons. On the couch are Charlotte, John and Tom. The Interviewer scribbles a note in a leather notepad. We push in on Charlotte, gesturing to John...

Charlotte: You’re laughing.

Interviewer: I love you drink Champagne in the morning.

Charlotte: It’s a devilishly lovely habit … a delightful way to start the day.

Interviewer: And what is your morning beverage?

John: Darjeeling with a spot of milk.

Interviewer: And you?

Tom: Double espresso.

Charlotte: And….

Tom: Chased by a habanero pepper. My mom was Mexican, said it cleansed the soul.

Interviewer: So, back to the group, you’re a circle of friends who jet set around the globe.

John: Right. We are ten, all extremely close, yet vastly dissimilar—

Charlotte: —That’s why it works.

Tom: We hit the scarce, unique destinations...

Tom receives a text.

Charlotte: That receives messages?

John: He’s vintage Nokia.

Tom: I gotta run in five.

Interviewer: I was almost done. One last question, how long have you known each other?

Charlotte: Oh, God. What? Fourteen years?

John: Be fifteen in June.

Interviewer: And what started it?

Charlotte: I met Tom at a children’s education gala in LA, actually. My date left and Tom being the devil he is offered me a ride on his—motorcycle.

Tom: A ’65 Indian is not a ‘motorcycle.’

Charlotte: Anyway, we ended up in a wrecking yard off Olympic. I was absolutely horrified. Turned out John was hosting a Campote-esq ‘Black & White’ soirée in this dreadful bunker.

John: It wan an old speakeasy.

Tom: Still is, until people read this.

Charlotte: I distinctly remember two things about that evening: the entrance was beside a green corvette, and in the morning, I woke in a cabana at the Beverly Hills Hotel with John.

Our golden couple recaptures the Jet Set age where all that was extraordinary seemed natural and eternal. The series’ integrated approach to marketing, merchandising, and storytelling showcases John and Charlotte Carlton, who are fabulously wealthy, madly in love, and seem to do whatever-the-hell they want.

However, underneath their sparkling veneer is an edgy despair that churns like a riptide, offering one a glimpse of the loneliest backstage after the spotlights darken.

The present-day series possesses a '50s nostalgia, a passport to a vanished time, a peek at a coterie of timeless, international, complex creatures seeking refuge in a blissful world of fantasy sans selfies and social media.

The plots are ripped from past headlines providing an undercurrent of an international spy, noir drama with forays into sordid affairs while catching Ralph Lauren’s latest fall collection.

The other finely rendered characters, the women in couture gowns with unbridled inhibitions, the men in tuxedos with fast cars, give us an intimate portrait of flawed individuals' success and failures. Tom Huston is one example; a millionaire cowboy-tough-guy who draws one into a mythical world where ruggedness, freedom and danger are common traits, yet he struggles to move past a life-altering incident.

John and Charlotte Carlton are rock stars, their stages are exotic locales like Portofino, Gstaad, and Montevideo, their groupies are the young and dazzling alluring us mortals to want to be them, be around them ... be swept down their rabbit hole on a Gulfstream 650. Be part of the journey--


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