Mark Schaefer's Reel

Rode BTS 2018 AbsurdTV

Behind the scenes on a 3 hour film shoot. My Rode Reel contest 2018. The long version is coming out in June on AbsurdTV.

AbsurdTV 301 Bad Pizza

Pizza Guy has a delivery and a bad trip!!! WELCOME TO SEASON 3 OF ABSURDTV !!! #badpizza #comedy #comedycentral #funnymovie #sketch #humortv #humor #ucb #gro...

AbsurdTV 206 An Important Day in American History

A classroom rebels against the teacher to fight for their right to learn as they please. WATCH, LEARN, BE PREPARED!!!!

AbsurdTV 205 Magic Maddy

Power Sister Horsies episode and the world premiere of 'Magic Maddy and the Chainsaw'. By writer / director Sam Felman and DP John DeYoe.

AbsurdTV ep 202 Mysterious Place

Mysterious Place - Season 2 Episode 2... by Tony Cella. The gang is at it again! ohhhhhh lord!

AbsurdTV ep 104 A Wonderful Medicine

Absurdtv has done it again. Kim Jung Kill is still on take over mode at the TV station. He has a sad movie to play for us today. "A Wonderful Medicine" is a ...

Absurdtv ep 103 Angelina

Jon Holwitz, Mark Schaefer, Alex T. Hwang and a cast of hundreds take us on a journey we all won't soon forget with this splendid portrayal of a still life. ...

AbsurdTV episode 102 the Spy Barista

Our newest episode of hilarity. With guest stars Sergio Velasco and Keetin Marchi. also included 2 snipets from Internal Behaviors the movie part 1 and part ...

AbsurdTV episode 101 NPZ

Our 1st Episode for our comedy channel on Youtube!! Absurd TV episode 1 season 1, featuring the comedy troupe Laugh Of She's a Dead Man! LOSADM sketch No Parking Zone

No Parking Zone trailer 2

No Parking Zone sketch comedy by Jon Holwitz. Produced by Mark Schaefer, super-natural-films, Abusrd TV. Full Video coming January 2015, STAY TUNED!!!!

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