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By Clark Ransom

GENRE: Sci-fi, Action

While trying to rescue his shipwrecked father, a rebellious teen from a future Earth finds himself caught in a present-day struggle between a power-hungry Oil Company executive and a corrupt Senator as they battle to steal his bacterial fuel technology that would save the planet from an impending Global Warming apocalypse.


The Earth is dying. Our reliance on fossil fuels has reached a point of no return. Oceans have risen over half a foot. Polar bears are extinct. Small island nations have

vanished under the sea. The planet has less than ten years until the effects of Global Warming are catastrophically irreversible. No one knows how to save the planet... until now.

Earth: 2112. While returning from a galactic environmental peace summit, Vice-President Harvey Wilshire’s spaceship is swallowed by a wormhole and transported back to present-day Earth. In a desperate attempt to save him, Harvey’s rule-breaking, teenage son, Devon, recklessly plunges his own ship through the same wormhole.

Earth: Today. In return for passing favorable legislation that allows drilling in protected areas, a Senatorial hypocrite, who proclaims himself to be an environmental advocate, is secretly accepting enormous bribes from the nation’s most powerful Oil Company Executive, Jack Ralston.

The shipwrecked Harvey and Devon are both captured and held by Ralston, and in exchange for the return of their ship, Devon must give up the secret manufacturing process to the bacterial fuel. If not, his father dies. Ralston knows that the fuel will revolutionize our ability to travel great distances with no harm to the planet, and this will make him one of the wealthiest men in the world. He has no intention of sharing that power with anyone, including the Senator.

With the help of Clare, a scrappy, millennial blogger with a reputation for exposing the un-exposable, Devon and Clare set out to rescue his father, unmask the Senator, destroy Ralston, save the planet and in turn, their very own existence.

One ship, one-way home; one choice between the love of a son, and the future of a planet in peril.

(This Sci-Fi/Actioneer features a young male and female lead and speaks directly to recent environmental headlines. The technology in this story is based upon actual science; the bacterial fuel is real and on the cutting edge of alternative technologies.)

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