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By Clark Ransom

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

Protected in an underground lab since inception, a boy raised by a robot survives the climate apocalypse, and at eighteen makes his first human contact; a young girl from the surface running for her life.


“The only logical conclusion is now apparent. My programming has become… too human.”

A singular, highly intelligent robot named RHET meticulously executes his one program in life in an underground lab: tending to a human child.

A bio-tech that would cure disease is weaponized, malfunctions, and releases billions of genetically engineered microbes into the atmosphere on the Earth's surface.

Within days, most of humanity is eaten alive.

Eighteen years later, Hunter celebrates his birthday with the only parent he has… RHET. When a young girl running for her life suddenly appears from the planet's surface, teenage hormones and curiosity kick in.

The existence of others on the surface now apparent, Hunt becomes the target of the same Scientist who created RHET who's convinced only Hunt’s pure DNA can save the survivors… at any cost.

With the boy’s life in danger, RHET is suddenly conflicted and is forced to make a most human decision: Kill his creator or the creation.

Nathaniel Baker

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James A. Goins

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José Victor

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Divij Kak

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Bradley Tozana

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Angela Cristantello

This is a really really good start, Clark! It would be helpful to know that much more about who Hunter is within this logline (Like, he's schizophrenic!? We'd love to know that! That tells some significant story!) And we're also missing what the obstacle is and what the stakes are. The environment is clear (and it's great), the inciting incident is clear (and it's great), we just don't know what the protagonist wants NOR needs to overcome, and we're not sure what the "or else" is here. Once those things are highlighted, this logline is gonna start to sing :)

Ronika Merl

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Nate Rymer

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Richard Buzzell

Has potential.

Arthur Charpentier

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