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By Clark Ransom

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

When a man is trapped in an office elevator with a gay co-worker, discomfort erupts into anger, confusion, and unanswered questions that reveal the two men have more in common than they think.


Philip Dawkins never knew he was gay.

He looks straight; acts straight... even dresses straight. But in one single ride on the office elevator, he confronts the reality that twenty-nine years of his life have been a lie. On the other hand, Max Lawson is as gay as they get. Problem is, Max only goes for guys he thinks are straight… like Philip.

During a late-night lightning storm, the two men are trapped together inside an office elevator car. No power, no light and no cell phone signals. With nothing to do but wait it out, Max decides to take the plunge and find out which team Philip really plays for. But for the career-minded, homo-phobic acting Philip, just being this close to “one of them” is enough to ignite his anger.

When the doors finally open, neither man is the same as when he entered.

Nathaniel Baker

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