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By Clark Ransom

GENRE: Sci-fi, Drama

A publicly denounced, world-famous psychic attempts suicide but is saved by a malevolent spirit who convinces her he can restore her soul and reputation to make her millions once again... among the dead. (2022 Page Turner Finalist, 2022 Quarterfinalist, LA Screenplay Competition, "Recommend" from The Script Lab)


Fame, fortune, and dead people: a winning combination even in the living world.

Rachel Menendez loves the dead and demands so much more from the living. Known as Mysteria to her loyal followers and beleaguered staff, she capitalizes on her high-tech spiritual shenanigans to draw millions, both people and money, to sold-out performances.

But not everyone is a true believer. Renowned Blogger Cam Hartley knows too well that the dearly departed are just that; dead and buried. Like his long-lost wife, he realizes nothing can bring them back… no matter what. And those who prey on the naivety of a grieving heart, fuel his cruel ambition to expose the charlatans as the very evil essence they so claim to provide.

For the millions of believers who worship her, it is the power of their love that brings forth an unwanted soul from beyond; a soul who wants nothing more than life itself.

At the pinnacle of her success, an inexplicable loss of control during a performance shatters the mystical veneer that shields the truth behind Mysteria, and the believers quickly become the haters. Her reputation and life now ruined, Rachel jet boats out across a lake to prove once and for all that dying doesn’t have to be forever.


Lying on the lake embankment, her clothes drenched, Rachel opens her eyes to a new reality: she’s dead but she doesn’t know it. Rescued by a stranger who seems to know every intimate detail of her life, she is returned to her lakeside estate where life seems almost the same, but somehow different. Rachel soon realizes that she is a spirit in the world of the dead but refuses to believe that there is no way to get back to the living.

With so many spirits dying to get in touch with their living loved ones, Rachel sets out to use her psychic connections to open a portal so she and so many others can finally “crossover” into the living. Through a series of botched attempts to speak to the living she knows, she accidentally contacts her biggest non-believer, Cam Hartley. With Cam’s help, in one heart-stopping instance, Rachel finds a way to break free from death and step back into life.

But her cunning rescuer from the lake accident has his own malevolent motivations for Rachel’s soul-sliding breakthrough, and the spiritual doorway she opens spews forth one of the world’s most nefarious serial killers. Now a true believer, Cam helps Rachel track down the deadly killer and banish him forever.

With her newfound ability to travel between the living and the dead, Rachel achieves her lifetime goal: the most celebrated Psychic alive… or dead.

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