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By Blake Adams Bailey

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy
LOGLINE: A rag tag band of criminals plot to Kill Bin Laden. After stealing $3 million from an Afghanistan Safehouse, these criminals learn the money was meant for the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, Operation K-B-L. Now they have the whereabouts, but can only hope they have the wherewithal to handle the crazy world that is the 'Stan as they now try to Kill Bin Laden. There's the Government's story and then there is K-B-L!


K-B-L By Blake Bailey It's simple. George has intercepted a Wiki Leak telling of three million dollars meant for a safehouse in Afghanistan where it will be exchanged for something called K-B-L. The money, because it is so hush-hush will only be guarded by this MAGI, which George believes should only be three, maybe four guys...Biblical translations can be loose. He has convinced his Number Two, that K-B-L is probably anthrax or something like that, and so not only are they stealing the money, but probably saving millions of lives in doing so. At the Safehouse, they are able to grab the money, quite easily, and now all they need is a good exit strategy. Too bad, that is never easy in the 'Stan. Gangs of British and Russians have also intercepted the same Wiki Leak, and so the Safehouse becomes a shoot-out of three, somewhat ill equipped gangsters. The Russian blow up, and what is left of the Americans and Brits decide it's best to take what is left of Men and Money and get out of there before this Magi show up. A roadside bomb claims half the remaining guys, leaving two British and two Americans in their quest to get the hell outta there! Luckily the kindly Old Man that sits at the safehouse is willing to loan them his three legged One Eyed bomb sniffing dog for them to get away safely....and so, they are away, at three legged dog speed. And, in time to escape before the Magi show up, and see their mission has been compromised. The Magi now must find, and per orders, kill this new group that has taken the money, but more importantly taken the envelope known as K-B-L which happens to have the coordinates of one Osama Bin Laden. George thought all along that this K-B-L had to do with Bin Laden, and it's his desire to one day be a hero, just like his dear Old Dad, that has led him here. See, he believes he can, and will Kill Bin Laden! He must convince his new Gang to go along with this, even though at the moment they are being led to safety by Mr. Cool, the one eyed dog. This has severely damaged the confidence they may have had in George to Kill Bin Laden, especially since during his Kill Bin Laden speech, he has led them right into a Tajik Ambush. From The Tajiks, to the Taliban, to the crazy world that is SNAKE, the leader of the Northern Alliance, George leads his men on the Oddest Quest in life, right up to the underground Heroin Dealer that is Raj....who just happens to transport heroin to all the BIGS of Afghanistan through tunnels. And no one is bigger than Osama. George leads his men to the threshold of fame and glory as they trek through the tunnels to Osama, and his Vegas like underground lair. George has been through the Odyssey of Odd that is Afghanistan and now faces his destiny. Boom! Osama Bin laden is dead...oops, Boom! Osama Bin Laden is dead...Ooops! God Damn it, how many Bin Ladens are there!? After gunning down three, four five, six...he is finally informed that these are just Bin Laden Stand ins. One of them did the Sinking of the Cole announcement, One is the ‘dialysis Bin Laden’ One is the ‘Healthy Bin Laden’ and so on. The big guy upstairs, the real Bin Laden is having a huge music video made...’Yeah, he’s a real dick”, Osama Bin laden TEN denounces. However, there is a door in the back, that no one is allowed near. George’s mission, George’s K-B-L , must not fail, and so he must go through that door of immortality.

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