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By Juan Pete Diaz

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama
LOGLINE: Tony Perez, a Deputy Sheriff officer,discovers the Sheriff's Office is corrupted and involved in murder. Knowing he's on to them, a contract hit is placed on his head by his own…


Two o’clock am. A news media helicopter hovering above a bank building “ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL BANK” its spot light and camera targeted on the bank and on its poor lilted alley ways. An alarm is sounding. Two police units arrive in front of the bank. Three more units arrives seconds later. The arriving officers are briefed by a sergeant. The sergeant sends three officers to cover the building, the front doors and side alleys of the building. Two more units pulls up in the rear of the bank. Seconds later an unmarked police car (69 Camaro) with a blue dash light running, pulls up (“Lt.” Johnson). Lt. Johnson is briefed and takes charge, But unbeknown to him the JUSTICE KNIGHTS are the ones really in charge. The KNIGHTS had stage a bank robbery to lure the police in that sector. As the Knights hides from within the shadows that covers the bank's alleys like a blanket, the Knights awaits their chosen police officers to ambush them. Tony gets his revenge,but at a price. As the Knights sets off to revenge the murder of a small time drug dealer, from the hands of the corrupt deputies and to shut down the corruption, Lieutenant Johnson is hot on their trail...


I have a Justice Knights full feature and a short script, if anyone is interested.

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