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By Amanda Laney

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

An aimless woman returns to her family’s strawberry patch and attempts to keep her mistakes a secret from her vibrant, dysfunctional relatives.



Every single one of us come from some sort of a dysfunctional family, I think. I pulled from my own experiences and created an energetic script where the viewer enjoys the ups and downs of family life, not leaving out the fun and unpredictable times. So, I have always been a fan of colorful, real southern characters. This feature requires a small budget. The setting is a country home beside a lake or pond, with a strawberry patch on the property. Most of the ensemble cast is comprised of family members living under the same roof.

Kat is coming home after a poor decision she’s made, in which she is wearing an ankle monitor and is unable to drive a car. None of her family knows the truth. Her stepmother, Trudie, is a Betty Crocker-type, according to Kat. She does not approve of Kat’s blue hair, the fact that she’s floundering in college, amongst other things. She is a bit older than most college students fresh out of high school. Kat is introduced to Trudie’s potty pool used to fight cussing in the house and chocolate strawberry pie that is given to those family members Trudie feels need discipline.

Walt is Kat’s father, and the two are close. He pulls out his hearing aids when Trudie gets cranked up. He sneaks sweets when Trudie is not looking, and he loves John Wayne. Nora, Kat’s stepsister, has always been jealous of her. She has two bratty twins, Dax and Lily, who are in dire need of discipline. Nora has allowed her ex-husband to live on the property in a tent, because she believes he cheated on her. Roy, her ex, insists he did not cheat and that he loves her even if she put on some weight.

Dean is Kat’s half-brother. He is a teenager who stutters and desperately wants a girlfriend. Lou is Trudie’s sister. She is working on husband #5, wearing tight clothes, smoking weed and saying whatever smart-aleck remarks she pleases to Trudie. Abel is a teen who works for Trudie, who is always being respectful despite her microaggression towards him. Violet is Kat’s fun roommate that drove Kat to the house. Vi is also exposed to Trudie’s racially motivated comments. Clay is a young farmer, who’s wife left him for another man. Tigger and Cocky are the cat and rooster that add to the vibrant family atmosphere!

Kat does her best to hide her poor choices. Problems with school, alcohol and a former flame come out. She also wrestles with her and Trudie’s relationship, holding onto the memory of her deceased mother, and bucking Trudie every step of the way. She also faces the return of her father’s cancer. Through all of this, Kat works at the family strawberry patch. This story has a few serious moments. But for the most part, the story is comical, lively and refreshing. Think of Cookie’s Fortune, Something to Talk About, or Steel Magnolias. It is just the type of spirited movie so many enjoy!


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