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By Michael Fitzer

GENRE: Drama

Kara Altop, a headstrong yet gifted pre-med student is unprepared for her surprise pregnancy, but when the new baby is murdered by a close friend, she and her blue-collar family must put aside blame and regret to find meaning through the sound of a beating heart. 


Inspired by a true story...

Kara Altop has a bright future. She is the first in her close-knit family to leave the trailer park and attend college. Her ambition to be a doctor has everyone rooting for her to succeed, but a family emergency cuts her plans short. Now caught between her ambitions and her sense of familial duty, Kara begins flailing as she sees her goal move further from reach until a night out with old friends turns her life completely upside down.

When Kara finds herself pregnant from a one-night stand she struggles with the fact that she is now living the stereotype and unable to break the family cycle. She is a young, unwed mother-to-be with nothing more than a high school diploma and untapped potential. But when an old flame reenters the picture it seems like she just might find some balance and a way to juggle motherhood and her goal of going to medical school. As Kara says, “if you want to see God laugh, make plans.” Now, with her new path set, Kara falls into the rhythm of life as a new mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter and future doctor. Life seems to be good until the fateful day Kara receives the call that her 9-month-old daughter has been beaten nearly to death by someone she loves.

As law enforcement, the media and the social order point the finger of blame, Kara makes the last, best decision she can make and donates her dying baby’s organs to those in need. Her family fractures, and she finds herself thrust into a brutal spotlight.

As the family mends and as justice takes its course, Kara tries to heal but as with any mother who loses a child, there is a hollowness to her and the lingering question of “why?” She looks for answers in every corner of her life with little satisfaction, until she meets the family that received her daughter’s heart.

“Still Perfect” is a story of tragedy, transformation, hope and the comfort that comes with knowing there is a reason... for everything.

From the producers of the critically acclaimed “Pleased to Meet Me,” the dark landscape of “Still Perfect” takes the viewer on a emotional journey to confront the complexities of the family dynamic, and the tragedy of abuse. It is an issue that needs to be explored and a story that needs to be told.

Tilak Raj

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