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By Steve Lucas

GENRE: Drama, Thriller
LOGLINE: An ace reporter investigating a high-profile murder in Ecuador, encounters rumors of a woman who frees people from their deepest pain with a few spoken words. But when he stirs things up he becomes a target and must solve the mystery and discover her identity before her dark secret gets them both killed.


Who are you? It’s a question we all have to answer, and it’s the one haunting Thomas Kemp, a successful reporter wrestling with the issue of identity after the loss of his adoptive parents. In hopes of finding a bit of himself, Thom flies to Panama to dig up his birth records. While there, he is tasked by his editor to investigate the brutal murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador, who was executed with his family at their residence in Quito. On a flight south, Thom hears about the mysterious woman known only as “La Mujer.” Since her first appearance in Ecuador, a religious excitement has grown around her due to her uncanny ability to whisper truth and change lives. Is she an angel? The Virgin Mary? Thom’s murder investigation uncovers a link between a Colombian drug cartel and the Port Authority in New York. It also stirs up a hornets nest and brings unwanted attention to Thom. A young intern sent to assist Thom is executed by the drug lords in an alley in Medellin. Thom escapes only when his mention of La Mujer frightens the assassin. Meanwhile, La Mujer continues her journey north through Colombia and into Panama. Along the way she encounters people from all walks of life. The power of her words is unreal. How does she know so much about people? What does she see? Who is she? With the guilt of the intern’s death on his hands, Thom’s life spirals out of control. More than ever he feels lost. He withdraws from the story, intent now on finding his true identity in Panama. He is more alone than ever. Once in Panama, La Mujer has a flashback to the murder of her family--including her six-year-old daughter--at the Ambassador’s residence. She is the missing sister. The stress of the horrific event overwhelms her. She is a broken woman, angry at God, no longer willing to help others. Both of our heroes find their way back through the words of women. Thom is reminded of his identity by Clara, his editor. La Mujer sees herself in a young mother on a beach in Costa Rica. Ready now to solve the mystery, Thom meets La Mujer in Nicaragua. It is there that he discovers that he and La Mujer have more in common than he could have ever imagined. When they meet, the conspiracy is brought into the light. La Mujer is shot in the chest by the pursuing thugs, and collapses in Thom’s arms. She gives Thom the answers he needs before she passes. And it isn’t long before he continues her legacy.

Steve Lucas

Grand Prize Winner - 2012 New Hampshire Film Festival Honorable Mention - 2012 Los Angeles Movie Awards Finalist - 2012 Creative World Awards Finalist - 2012 Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition Finalist - 2013 Richmond International Film Festival

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