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By Steve Lucas

GENRE: Crime, Drama
LOGLINE: A recently widowed FBI agent discovers a conspiracy to rid society of its least desirable members; but her loyalties are tested when they execute the scum who killed her husband and son.


Sofia Mercer had it all: an adoring husband, a beautiful son, and promising career at the FBI. But in one tragic moment she lost her family in a convenience store robbery. As a woman of faith, she put on a brave face for the world. But secretly she began to find solace in a bottle. When she returned to the FBI, she assumed her duties as an analyst working in the recently formed New Mafia Task Force. Her job was to use the national criminal database to identify possible networks of organized crime that had not yet been identified. But when her skills helped her uncover the largest criminal conspiracy in American history, she soon found herself in an impossible situation. Could she bring to justice an invisible criminal network that was eliminating the most depraved and worthless members of society? Who could she tell if that criminal network actually existed within the walls of all branches of law enforcement? After she first exposed the possible conspiracy to her colleagues, she was laughed out of the room and ordered by her supervisor to see a counselor. Everyone assumed the grief of her loss had affected her ability to do her job. No one took her case seriously. At her mandatory counselling sessions, Sofia began to wrestle with the demons of her alcoholism and with what it means for a Christian to grieve. Her therapist, who was not a woman of faith, proved to have some of the best advice. But Sofia wasn’t yet ready to hear it. And when the man who killed her family was captured, it drove Sofia deeper into the bottle. When Sofia began to poke around with an off-the-books investigation, the mysterious Gardener, who was calling the shots, decided to recruit her. His first gift was the elimination of the convenience store robber who shot her husband and son in cold blood. But things didn’t go as planned, and another FBI agent—a co-conspirator—was killed in the attempt. Fully exposed to the conspiracy, Sofia was framed for multiple murders. Her legal matters were made worse when her drinking was brought to light. And when Sofia was finally at rock bottom, Gardener made his move. He gave Sofia a choice: she could join the conspiracy and help pluck the worthless weeds from society, or she could sit on the sidelines and lose everything. But Sofia dug deep and found her strength. She took a step towards sobriety, and with a little inspiration from her church she found a way to expose the biggest criminal conspiracy in history. By using the very hidden network where other criminals conspired, she recruited the worst sorts of people to take down the self-righteous vigilantes that were robbing people of their civil liberties, proving that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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