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By James Sutherland

GENRE: Drama

A ex-gambler struggling with the loss of her husband and repaying debts working in her in-law’s real estate business, must play her emotionally abusive mother in law in a game of poker to win back guardianship of her daughter, while dealing with past demons and balancing commitments to medical school.


After the loss of her husband Hiroto, Sora has not stopped blaming herself. She has spent the last three years attempting to get her life back on track. She balances work at her mother in laws real small estate business while completing her studies in psychiatry. She has left her alcoholism behind her, taking only one drink a day. An overdose and the following withdrawals from prescription medication she is trying to kick have left her hallucinating over past traumas, her own neglectful mother, her bullying school mates, her dead husband, the loss of guardianship of her daughter, Haruka, whom she goes and prays for on a regular basis. After seeing Hiroto looming in the mirror behind her, she decides its now or never, all the medication is flushed down the toilet.

She returns to the home of her mother in law, Junko, who disguises her contempt for Sora behind a thin veil of sympathy. She has almost repaid her debt, but time is not on her side. They visit the grave of her husband. Sora relapses. In a dream Junko tells Sora what she thinks of her. Sora sneaks Haruka out for the day. Later she confronts Junko about her wishes to have Haruka come and live with her. Junko reminds her she still owes money and it was Sora who is responsible for her son’s death.

With a night to spare, Sora returns to Junko’s house with money she owes her. Junko challenges Sora to a game of high stakes poker which Sora wins. Junko then raises the stakes, placing a photo of Haruka and suggesting they play for her guardianship. The battle is played out over a game of poker through to the morning. Junko loses and not only gives up control of Sora’s daughter but must return to work in her family’s real estate business. Sora is addiction free and finally can sleep.

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