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By Jeanette Johnson- Greenwood

GENRE: Drama

Marriage is made for two, but three isn't always a crowd...if it's approved!


Chandra, a loving and devoted wife to her husband strives daily as she enjoys the new leaf she has turned over from her venomous and dark past.With her hidden past behind her, adjusting to a fresh family life, boundless career, and closer walk with God birthed a future that was everything but triumph and pure bliss.The lifetime pursuit of happiness was at her fingertips.

Storms brew on the home front when Chandra’s husband engrosses in unprompted and naively demonic desires asking his adoring wife to perform a threesome with another woman in what was supposed to be a two-way love story joined through marriage. Little does he know, he is about to wake up an unscrupulous nightmare from his wife’s corrupt previous life that is about to take their lives on nothing less than a category five hurricane of bedroom chaos. Not knowing anything about his wife’s spiritually deadly past, he is adamant in satisfying his foul urges created by his own fallacy.

Chandra, loving her husband so much and afraid of denial and disappointing him, she does the one immoral move out of total desperation to please her husband’s atrocious fleshly desires.Chandra calls on her clinging ex-girlfriend who has never really ended what they had in her mind.This has now unleashed the dragon of her ex-girlfriend, a battle that Chandra would never be able to handle.Chandra, not wanting to go back to a life of darkness outside of the will of God unbridles a wrath of sweltering passion, abysmal desire, appalling heart ache, and the demonic catastrophic results of what happens when one goes back to their past.

In this epic tale of passion, treachery, rage, sinful, and combat of the flesh, both Chandra and her husband are now in for the time of their lives.See a breathtaking fight for their marriage, struggle of love, lust, revenge, and unadulterated drama! Chandra combats a sleeping giant from her past and a lustful giant in her husband while trying to keep her eye on the prize which is the beauty of God.When the bedroom is meant for only a husband and wife in a covenant under God, feel the flames of hell rage when a third wheel is brought in to satisfy the never-ending appetite of the human flesh!

Love is the minimum of an emotion, and the maximum of an evaluation of a need. And one fulfills that need even when they do not feel like doing it. Fire & Desire!


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