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By Jeanette Johnson- Greenwood

GENRE: Drama, Family

A Husband & Wife struggles to stay together after the death of their child. Love takes a terrible turn for the worst and grief counseling was supposed to be the safe haven, but ends up being a source for betrayal. 


When My Heart Stopped

By Jeanette Greenwood

Meeting Jax and having a family is so important to me. Oh…by the way, my name is Megan. I passed up one simple opportunity to play with my son, by choosing business over pleasure. All J.J. (Jax Jr.) wanted to do was play, but of course the life of an adult calls for so many demanding things. He ask me to play with him, but my husband dinner party was more important...I thought.

Working to get the house ready for our guest, I missed him slipping out the door to go play outside alone. All I heard was a loud screech and a horn blowing... That quickly, that heart stopped. My son...left on a machine for me to determine if he lives or dies. Who does that? How can I play God and pull the plug? How can I say I love him and continue to watch him suffer...?

Years later, I can no longer find myself. I mentally, emotionally and spiritually died with J.J. Oh yeah...Jax Sr. is still around. Secretly and inadvertently, accusing me of our son’s death? Oh, yes! I get the hints. I catch the shade.

Let us not talk about counseling...that is a joke! You would think 5 years of counseling things would change. Well guess what? They did change...he met a woman. Yep. That is what I said... She is in the same class we have been attended for 5 years.

Did I approach her about it? Are you serious? What else do I have to lose? I surely did approach her...but she went on to tell me how I didn't deserve him. The nerve of the FLOOZY!

They say I am on a pity party. Guess what? They may be right. However, can they really call my situation a pity party? Have any of them walked in my shoes or felt my hurt? Do NOT JUDGE ME! That was my SON! My baby! I carried him 9 months and cared for him those few years. GOD YOU CHEATED ME!

I am sorry...maybe they are right. My marriage is going to shambles as I sit by watching. Jax is not just my husband; he is my best friend. We always loved each I going to stand by and let my emotions and HER SEDUCTION takes all I have left? I am sadden that she lost her fiancé 3 days before their wedding but does that give her the right to infringe on my marriage?

Guess what? If she comes for a fight...Sister, you chose to the right one to give you one. Losing my Son now my husband…I never forget the day “When My Heart Stopped”...


Available upon request. In production for 2018. It's a FILM Play (Film & Stage Play = FILM PLAY)

W Keith Sewell

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W Keith Sewell

Based on the logline. I like the twist in an otherwise familiar, "loss of a child, emotionally stressed, where do we go from here, LMN, storyline - with the possibility of a twist we haven't seen, when the marriage counselor gets involved.

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