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By Nikki Wallin

GENRE: Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: The only enemy of innocence... is time


Humans think they are the most advanced species, but that is only because the OPSAIDIA allow them to believe it so. Thousands of years ago, in the infancy of humanity, the Opsaidia rose to power. A hybrid of advanced man and plant species, they are immortal, incredibly strong, and very ambitious. Throughout the world, legends of the Opsaidia's deeds and battles became known to humans as myths, legends, and gods. The oldest of the Opsaidia was a woman named PELLAH, commander of legions, loyal only to herself. She crushed every enemy without mercy until her closest ally, ESHE, betrayed and defeated her. After Pellah's death, only three factions of Opsaidia remain. Keira and former enemy SALAVAN have formed a shaky alliance to defeat the other immortals. The final, most horrific battle in history is about to begin when into their world stumbles NEME, a human girl in her 20s, innocent, oblivious, and harmless. Except that she looks and sounds just like Pellah. The immortal world is thrown into chaos and concern – is Pellah back for revenge? Will she bring them all to their destruction? Or will Neme be their greatest ally and lead the Opsaidia to a new golden age? Only time can tell.


O N E S H E E T CHILDREN OF PELLAH created by Nikki Wallin directed by Matteo Saradini written by Tally Knoll An immortal race of god-like beings fights a war across the earth, when an innocent human girl - who resembles their dead queen - stumbles into their world. THE IMMORTALS The OPSAIDIA are immortals, a plant-human hybrid species with castes of superhuman powers called ‘spirit lines’. Among these immortals are factions lead by the merciless warrior woman ESHE, who craves to rule the world, and the amoral scientist SALAVAN, who views humans as little more than test subjects for his morbid fascinations. While these two factions gear up for battle, their effects are felt all over the human world - and across time itself. THE GIRL NEME is a young, mortal human woman. Despite witnessing her mother’s murder as a child, Neme is innocent to the evils of the world - especially in how far she would go for her own desires. When Neme loses everything, she accidentally uncovers the world of the Opsaidia - and attracts their deadly attention with her uncanny likeness to their dead queen, Pellah. Now the prize in a battle between two immortal factions, and with new powers of her own, Neme sets out to find her mother’s murderer, and inadvertently changes the course of history. THE SHOW CHILDREN OF PELLAH is a one-hour science fiction/fantasy epic for an adult audience. Sporting an ensemble cast and drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, Children of Pellah blends action, intrigue, and high drama with character-driven stories. The story of Pellah will span all seasons in a complete arc that brings the story to a close. Clues and puzzles set out in the first episode will evolve and come full circle by the last. Each episode will be drenched in visual themes of innocence, time, and fate. As Neme battles her way to the truth - about her mother, herself, and Pellah - the lives of the character’s will crash together, and ideas of choice and pre-determination will be turned on their heads. As Neme searches for her mother’s murderer, she’ll come face to face with her true self and the mystery of Pellah will slowly untangle. Warrior woman Eshe pursues Neme in order to consolidate her own power over the world, while scientist Salavan wants to experiment on Neme as part of his creation of super soldiers. As war ramps up between the two factions, Neme will encounter immortals who all have their own heroic, romantic, and tragic stories to tell, including an Inuit warrior, a Soviet orphan, and a Spanish princess. With forbidden attraction, betrayal and manipulation on all sides, Neme will have to choose her friends wisely. And then of course there are the humans, who aren’t entirely the hapless creatures the Opsaidia believe them to be...

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