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By David C. Velasco

GENRE: Drama

A lovelorn romantic, wide-eyed dreamer and scorned realist try breaking their loveless past only to discover they’re more addicted to desire than love, a hard habit to break.


Even if it's not true love, everyone needs a fix.

Based on the novel of the same name by the same author.


Revitalized urban district. Clubs. Restaurants. Boutiques. Pub crawls. Festivals. Lofts created from old offices set above new businesses. Haven for the young, college kids, bohemians of all ages. A city within a city.


A feature length film where the most gut wrenching struggles are not between enemies, but friends, and coming of age at any age is never easy. It’s centered on three, intertwined, 20-somethings lives, each pining for a person they believe they can have if they play it right. While their tactics have never borne fruit, they feel this time it will be different. Drunken or desperate decisions only add to their problems, causing each to question life, and whether they are just needy. Geared toward those who can relate to the emotional trials and choices of its character, it explores the themes of loneliness amid a sea of people, and desire as an emotional need versus the search for a meaningful relationship.


Modern Love (Amazon Video)- Exploring different types of relationships.

Tiny Furniture (2010)- Young people starting out in life and things don’t go exactly as planned. Plans change and true feelings come out.

Reality Bites (1994)- A trio of 20-somethings starting out in life.

Main Characters

Megan (mid 20s): College educated, entry level accountant. Modest. Best friends with Russell. On the shy side, polite, but anger & regret smolder within from past failures with relationships.

Russell (late 20s): College educated, building manager. Average build and height. Feels he’s a good person. A real man. Just show women what a nice and relaxed guy he is and voilà!

Renee (mid 20s): Barback at The Pub. Attractive. Outgoing, but has a mouth when pissed. Outwardly stoic, inwardly wanting some stability in her life when it comes to the people in her life.

Whitney (mid 20s): Renee's friend and future roommate. Setting up a blind date with her and Russell leads to more problems.

Richard and Coleen (30ish): Megan’s coworkers who date each other.

Jason (late 20s): Renee’s boyfriend.


Entry level accountant Megan wants Rick, a coworker. He wants Colleen, also a coworker. Russell, a young building manager wants Renee, a barback. She wants stability. Megan, Russell and Renee look not to make the same mistakes of their past. Although adults, they discover coming of age at any age is never easy.

Rick and Colleen are off to Florida for a getaway. Megan, tormented, hides it. Russ endures the fact Renee dates Jason, although if he shows how nice a guy he is she’ll come around. Renee, tired of drifting, sees Jason as a change. Jason’s looking for something different, and finds it in another woman.

Dumped by Jason, Renee runs into Russ and unplanned bar hopping. Ending at his loft, she breaks down. Unsure of what to do or taken the wrong way, Russ ensures she’s safe. The next morning, she bolts without a word. In a misguided attempt to set things right, she arranges a blind date with him and Whitney, her new roommate. It goes well, but he’d rather it been with Renee.

After returning from Florida, Rick all but ignores Megan, causing her more grief. But there’s a reason: things didn’t turn out like he wanted. Seeking her all to willing advice, she invites him to her loft to talk. Renee visits Russ too. It’s not a social call, confronting him on his treatment of Whitney. Shocked, he discovers that’s her impression, not Whitney’s. They trade accusations and apologies, leading her to figure out his true feelings. Unable to reciprocate, they part, both dejected. At Megan’s, she misinterprets Rick’s desire to stop holding back what he really wants. She comes onto him, but he wasn’t talking about her. They part, both confused.

The next day, Coleen shows Megan her engagement ring, thanking her for whatever advise she gave Rick. With Whitney, Renee opens up: she likes Russ, but not that way, questioning if she can ever look him in the face again, just like she’s done in the past with other men she’s rejected.

Each now they face the repercussions of their actions, or inactions...

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Nathaniel Baker

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Gerard Thoolen

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Gerard Thoolen

Can a 12 year old understand this in one read? And I think many 12 year olds have little patience and a very short concentration span. However, there´s good potential here. Is my opinion.

Rebecca Jean-Carroll

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John Theroux

sounds promising - add an "a" before scorned

Johnny Zito

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Tasha Lewis

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J.B. Storey

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Nate Rymer

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