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By David C. Velasco

GENRE: Drama

A group of 21st Century bohemians and millennials struggle with gentrification, redefining the American Dream, and each other, as they navigate the world of a revitalized, less than idealistic, downtown district.


The times they are a changin. Dob Dylan

A revitalized downtown, urban district once again goes through change. Old residence pushed out. New ones redefining values. It inspires and scares. More so for five residents and their six degrees of separation. And dreams never sleep in the same bed twice.

Long time resident Tabitha Vincent has witnessed the decline and promise of rebirth of the area, mirroring her experiences. Now, and again reflecting her own life, change comes and not all that welcomed. Strong willed, she faces middle age and the now broken promises it once held, and those she made to herself. Her infatuation with Edward, who views the changes in a different light, forces an uncomfortable reassessment of her life.

Not alone with such feelings, Edward Sieger yearns for more. Success as a business consultant doesn’t fill the creative void he feels but chooses to hide. Love of live music comforts him. The friendship he develops with 20 something garage band member Sam leads him to wanting more from her. That, and the occasional use of cocaine, gets him through his current life.

Simone Babcock raises her son alone while owning and managing an art gallery. Prosperous for many years, changes in rent and cost of business force hard times and choices. So too shifts in demographics, away from experimental art to that appealing to an upscale clientele. Her best artist Jacob provides financial opportunity and problems. The complex relationship with him makes it harder to use him, especially when she starts seeing a prosperous local attorney.

Samantha Erickson works and goes to community college, both part time. Playing drums for the garage band Aces High, she like many other aspiring all 20-somethings hope to make it big as musicians. A tough dream for anyone in today’s world. Failing this, she knows her prospects are nonexistent, forcing a move back to her parents who now live out of state. Petrified, she’ll do almost anything to avoid it. Edward’s relationship with a digital music label looks like the key, but feelings get in the way.

Talented neuve artist Jacob Thibaut is also a functioning alcoholic. His regular climb onto and fall off the wagon leads to instability with friends and acquaintances. His understanding roommate Edward the only semblance of consistency in his young, if not torturous life. Knowing Simone’s struggling, he fears trying to be more to her might do more harm than good at a time when she needs someone more stable than he. And trying to be the person she needs proves a challenge.

Five people. One fear: Change.

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Millennials and young adults entering college or the workforce do not have the same opportunities as those 10 to 15 years ago. The changes in manufacturing, retail, increasing cost of a university degree, the Great Crash of 2008 and COVID’s effects on businesses have altered American culture and economy. They face a standard of living below that of their parents and grandparents. They question the value of a college degree and the promises made to past generations they have to pay for but will not be there for them.

Gentrification is a phenomenon seen in many urban, revitalized areas. Brought back from decades of decay, public and private entities work together to refurbish old buildings into apartments, lofts, shops, restaurants and galleries. This draws in newcomers and nearby residents alike, revitalizing the area. They become victims of their success. As more upscale clientele move in, prices begin to rise. Increasing rents force out long time residents. Boutiques cannot compete with the likes of Amazon. The longtime residents feel alienated, or undesired.

Each character faces both of these issues. While Tabitha and Simone are older and established, they’re not immune from the changes forcing them out. Sam, Daniel and their same-age friends fell not only left behind, but now left out of an area their generation helped build. Edward and Jacob, while feeling disappointed in the changes, realize it’s inevitable while resisting them at the same time.


Gentefied (Netflix)- People facing a changing neighborhood who do not give up.

Modern Love (Amazon Video)- Exploring different types of relationships: platonic to obsession.

Reality Bites (1994)- A trio of 20-somethings starting out in life. Each reevaluate what they want.

Tiny Furniture (2010)- Young people starting out in life and things don’t go exactly as planned. Plans change and true feelings come out.

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