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By David C. Velasco

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

An international thief kidnaps a cybersecurity wiz for one last job, but still needs him to save herself after discovering he’s a wanted serial killer.


Be careful who you kidnap. They may be worse than you.

Laura Croft meets Norman Bates when international thief ALESSANDRA GREY is hired to steal the plans of a prototype, next-gen stealth fighter. She plans on this being her last job, setting her up for life. To pull it off, she and her team kidnap cybersecurity wiz EZME DANIELS. Taken to a remote location, he’s told what to do: hack the aerospace’s security he helped design and steal the plans.

Taunted by the younger niece of a team member, Esme kills her with a makeshift knife, nonchalantly slitting her throat. Dropping hints the police will link him to some crimes via his blood left at his kidnapping scene, Alessandra discovers he’s responsible for the serial killing of five women in the area.

The tables turned, knowing if she doesn’t deliver the plans she’s as good as dead. She cuts a deal: help her get the plans and she’ll help him get out of the country. Complicating matters: the relative desire for revenge, and her own to kill Ezme on the spot.


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