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By Penner Dang

GENRE: Family, Comedy

Four misfit teenage girls form an all girls band.  Years later,  their own  feral daughters try and win a song competition & recording contract. You don’t  always get the kids you want, you get the kids you deserve.


Feral Female Kangaroos is a coming of age script that is written along the lines of “ Ladybird”, “ Stand by Me”, and “ Josie and the Pussycats” with a strong female cast.

The story starts in Des Moines, Iowa in 1981. Cricket Green is working, and secretly living in Etta’s Place, a Blues night club that she cleans and performs in. Coyote Willis is the owner and encourages her to start her own band. After getting thrown in detention for fighting again she is singled out by Mrs. Rumba the music teacher along with 3 other girls who have shown amazing musical talent. She makes the girls work together on writing and creating songs. They enter a band competition and just before they go on Cricket runs and breaks her ankle ending up alone, outside in a Iowa snow storm. They never get their chance to perform. Years later the girls all end up with teenage girls that attend their old high school. Pay back is a bitch. Mrs. Rumba is now Principal and takes the girls under her wing. She asks them to learn their mothers song, they never got to sing. They enter a band competition hoping to play their own song that they wrote to win. The day before the competition Crickets husband is killed having a heart attack jogging. The girls have so much heart they perform through the sadness, winning the competition. I believe the strong, diverse, female cast would appeal to today's teens and mothers everywhere. I got the inspiration from living in Des Moines, Iowa in the 1980’s punk band scene and being a little lost myself.

Tasha Lewis

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