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By Lisa Penner Dang

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

A romantic road trip goes South when a third-generation, Vietnamese beekeeper finds herself caught up in smuggling drugs across the Canadian border using the bee's as a deterrent.


Jade Farms is a a Romantic Comedy, road trip script written along the lines of Ulee’s Gold. It has a highly diverse cast and strong female lead.

When Jesus Bravo finds a human foot in one of his wealthy client's pool filters while cleaning his pool he is asked to smuggle 500 pounds of illegal drugs across the Canadian border. How he does it is up to him. If he refuses it's swimming with the fishes. Jesus's sister Ricci runs an animal sanctuary that is in jeopardy of being foreclosed on. After a long brainstorming session on how to get the drugs across the border, they decide that Jesus would need something in the truck that people are afraid of. Jesus gets the idea of using bees as he is nearly stung at his sister's farm. Jesus is allergic to bees.

Jesus sets out to find a local bee farm. He visits Jade Farms and instantly falls in love with Sparrow the eldest daughter of six girls all with bird names. Jesus convinces Sparrow to take the bees with him to Canada making it seem like a romantic road trip all while seeing plenty of roadside attractions.

At the border just as they are about to cross Jesus confesses to Sparrow about the drugs. Sparrow is mortified but it's too late to turn back. They successfully drop the drugs off at a rich older women's house and head back to Manteca CA. Sparrow is not speaking to Jesus and unknown to her she is pregnant. Jesus's client pays him $250,000 for his time and effort and Ricci is able to save her animal sanctuary. Sparrow's Dad Falcon dies while tending to the bees.

After his funeral, the daughter's and Bich Falcon's wife plant an olive tree in his honor in his favorite sitting spot. They discover a hundred-pound piece of rare white jadeite worth millions. The jadeite was left to him by his father.

Sparrow forgives Jesus and they become engaged.

They use the money to expand the farm into a family fun place complete with their own wine labels, jewelry, a bee museum, and their own T-shirt line. Ricci runs the animal sanctuary on Jade Farms property and finds homes for all of the disabled and senior dogs.

The cycle of life continues at Jade Farms.

I believe the strong, diverse, quirky female cast would appeal to people of all ages.

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