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By Penner Dang

GENRE: Thriller, Romance

When a female werewolf and a Norteno aficionado board a luxury European 1940's Art Deco train, they enjoy fine dining, romance, and murder. The world needs more leaders of the pack.


Lobo Tren is a dark romantic comedy script along the lines of “An American Werewolf in London”& “ Trafficked”with a highly diverse cast and strong female lead.

Luz Marie and her best friend Francisco live in Iowa City Iowa. Up until now, they have lived a routine life with no promise of adventure or romance. That is all about to change.

After finishing their studies as a comic book creator and studying music Luz and Francisco decide it’s high time for a vacation.

The famous Wolf Brothers have always been ahead of the pack. They are always re-inventing themselves. With a successful airline under their belt, they decide to branch out and bring back the luxury in travel. Lobo Tren is a replica 1940’s train with all the modern amenities including dining car service. Growing up poor in Spain made them hungry for the finer things in life. Travel is all about the experience. Growing up the brothers were afraid of werewolves and their Papa affectionately nick-named them: The Wolf brothers.

Luz Marie’s vacation quickly turns into a working vacation when she discovers that Granger Lincoln and Adrian Lamb are sex trafficking young girls from London to Spain. Luz Marie must make things right and save the girls all without her best friend discovering she is a werewolf.

Luz finds her mate Dalton Moreno on the train and falls deeply in love with him resulting in a one-night stand creating a baby. Dalton is also a werewolf.

Granger and Adrian get what they deserve in the end when the true reason is revealed on why they are on this specific train.

I believe the strong female lead character & diverse quirky cast would appeal to a wide international audience.

Tasha Lewis

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