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By Penner Dang

GENRE: Sports, Drama

Things get heated when a transgender Latino teenager challenges the International Skating Unions rule 302. Ice Pairs must be one women and one man. 


When Vega Parra moves from New Mexico to Minneapolis, MN. at age 6 she finds friendship with a girl, Pixie Watson who is taking ice skating lessons in her class. The two become inseparable and form a lifelong friendship.

Vega’s parents are confused when she is delighted getting the part of Romeo in the school play. Mrs. Oswald, Vega’s teacher explains that she believes Vega is transgender. When Vega wants to change her name to Vince after a popular Latin singer, songwriter Vince Mira they know they will have to adjust to a new life and move forward with their support.

As teens they have come far with their ice skating talents. When they move to a new training rink Vince decides he wants to skate as a boy, not a girl, even though he knows the ISU’ s rule 302 states that you must be one man and one women in pairs. He will need some time to build upper body strength to do all of the technical requirements. Vince gets in work outs with his Papi & at the horse stables he works at. His is saving to buy his beloved horse, “ Sargent”.

Training on the weekends at a local pond they meet a cantankerous old lady Simone Keita, a former dance champion with a cabin by the pond. Her house is in need of many repairs. Vince & Pixie do a work exchange to pay for their dance coaching with her.

Easton Bell & her partner Dex are the favorites to win at Nationals. Easton’s Mother does some digging and finds out that Vince Parra is a girl. She exposes them when they win at Nationals a slight lead over her daughter, ruining their chances of the title.

After Nationals they challenge that ISU’s rule 302, stating is is discrimination and should be turned over.

I believe the strong, diverse teen characters are an inspiration to moving forward with acceptance & understanding of transgender people.

Tasha Lewis

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