Loglines & Screenplays by Irine Loria

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Against All Odds


“Against All Odds” is a present-day social issue drama, based on a real story of friendship between two women of different ages and social-cultural backgrounds, who meet in a refugee setting in Bangladesh as UN employees and whose moral values are tested by widespread wrongdoing and mismanagement whilst also grappling with events happening in their own families.   

Dedicated to You


“Dedicated to You” is a present-day psychological comedy-drama about a woman returning home after having fled her country and dedicated her life to travelling, aware that she has to face her past, confront family and friends and discover the truth that she always tried to escape from. 

He is Everywhere

GENRES: Comedy

“He is Everywhere” is a present-day black action comedy about a pact between a young woman tired of her own incapacity to solve her life problems and considering suicide, and with God who is annoyed that she blames all her life misfortune on him. God has transmogrified as a young man, and accompanies her in her everyday life only to demonstrate to her that she herself can solve all problems without divine involvement if she adopts a right strategy.   

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