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By Cornelius A. Melton

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: A sagacious, black Attorney defends her son from the same system that she used to put others away.


Maxine Smith is a black, thirty eight year old State Prosecutor in Florida with a reputation for being tough on crime. In fact, her record in Nassau County is so deep, that it is rumored that a man who was only charged with a crime, committed suicide after he found out that she was assigned to his case. But her private life isn't so glamorous. She not only went through a painful divorce but she also fought a long custody battle for her two sons and won. And just when things seemed to be getting back to some type of normalcy for her; life, will once again take a different course of action when her eldest son finds a loaded firearm in the street while walking his little brother to school. Seized with a sense of power the eldest makes the youngest promise not to tell anyone. And he doesn't. In fact, the secret between the two is so well kept, that the weapon is only discovered when the eldest brother nearly dies in a horrific automobile accident that claims the life of his best friend. And as he lie in a coma at a local hospital, it is soon revealed to homicide Detectives that the weapon that he posessed was used in a violent crime. Several weeks later when he awakens and is released from the hospital he is taken to the Nassau County Jail, booked and charged with murder. And with no bond and his only key witness holding dear to their well kept secret, his only hope will be the one who tried so desperately to shelter him from a system that devours both the prey and the predator without prejudice

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