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By Scott Marshall Taylor

GENRE: Drama

A sheriff in a nearly abandoned small town, with a legendary mystical lake, tries to solve a crime as he struggles with himself, the disgruntled townspeople, a visiting journalist, and the past, while he tries to replace his deceased brother at work and at home.


Ben Loman's pretty much a good guy. He's pretty much always tried to do the right thing. He has never really figured out who is, or who he wants to be. And now, he's only the Sherriff of this mysterious small town now, because his less-good brother died in a drunken car accident.

Ben's not having much luck convincing the town that he should be kept at this post, nor is he having much luck winning over his brother's widow and her young children.

Ben's the search for an important citizen's missing dog is not going well, and is subjecting him to still more ridicule.

The arrival of handsome journalist who has immediate eye's for his brother's widow is not making his day's go any better.

The journalist is there to pursue a story about the town's mystical lake, but as the finder of the corpse of the missing dog - -he's suddenly involved in Ben's case at hand.

And, when that matter's explorations leads to the discovery of a murder -- all the pesky character's of this small town's recent and less recent involvement in the crime(s) are revealed.

Against all this Ben Loman may just finally have to decide how he wants to go through the rest of his life.

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